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CraveYouTV, a website devoted to all things television, is looking for FALL writers!

Did your ears just perk up reading that sentence?

Did you find yourself bored out of your mind all summer while waiting for your favorite TV shows to premiere?

Do you have a passion for television? Do you love talking about TV shows? Do your friends consider you the go-to for all things TV? Do you cry every week while watching This Is Us? Do you love politics as much as President Kirkman on Designated Survivor? Do you feel like the ladies from the Bold Type are your besties? Is Jane the Virgin is your spirit animal?

We’re looking for you!

We want someone who loves watching TV in real-time, loves writing about their favorite TV characters and can analyze a show while also writing a review/recap as if they’re discussing it with their friends!

If this sounds like you, please email the following to

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Someone who watches TV
  • At least one writing sample, preferably a review of a recent show or an editorial piece about any show.
  • A brief description of your past writing experience.
  • A list of your favorite shows/ what shows are on your DVR list.
  • A list of what shows you’d like to cover.
  • Your technical experience with CMS products like WordPress.
  • And use one word to describe your review writing style.

*Be advised this is an unpaid volunteer position – we, unfortunately, cannot pay anyone at this point.*