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Yes, That Is Queen Amber from ‘A Christmas Prince’ in ‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’

Credit: Netflix



Everyone loves a good Easter egg. 

It’s always a treat when a show that exists in the same “realm” includes a few nods to its sister show simply to appease audiences. In its last season, Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina had plenty of Riverdale references that delighted fans. 

And The Princess Switch: Switched Again was no exception. 

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, Aldovia’s Queen Amber (Rose McIver), King Richard (Ben Lamb), and their royal baby from Netflix’s A Christmas Prince franchise all made a small cameo at Lady Margaret’s coronation in the Princess Switch sequel. 

Credit: Netflix

The brief appearance further entwines Netflix’s holiday movie universe in a way that has fans questioning if it could possibly be teasing a future crossover movie! 

Just imagine Princess of Belgravia, the Queen of Montenaro, and the Queen of Aldovia all working together to save Christmas!

If you think about it, it makes sense. Royal’s from other countries have long formed alliances and often interact for both business and pleasure, so thus, Queen Amber’s appearance during Montenaro’s was completely justified and necessary!

A crossover would be one epic Christmas offering; the only thing missing is Her Majesty Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Queen of Genovia! You know we had to. 

However, some fans were confused as to how all the films were connected since in the first Princess Switch, Margaret and Kevin actually watched A Christmas Prince in the film. 

As one CraveYouTV reader pointed out, maybe they were streaming a “documentary.”

Netflix did give some clarity explaining that The Knight Before Christmas (also starring Vanessa Hudgens), Holiday Calendar, The Christmas Inheritance, and Holiday in the Wild are also entangled in the Christmas Movie Universe. Here’s how: 

“It felt like a natural fit to show one of our other films available on Netflix,” Amanda Phillips Atkins, EVP of production company MPCA that produced the films, shared about the connections. “That one seed of an idea soon turned into fun opportunity to tie the various worlds together with small easter eggs from movie to movie.”

Regardless of whether a crossover is on the horizon, seeing Amber and Richard was a sweet treat for fans of Netflix’s robust Christmas collection during a time we need it the most! 

Read our review of The Princess Switch: Switched Again now. 



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    Elite Season 5 Episode 1 – 3 Review: The Party Don’t Stop… And Neither Do the Murders



    Elite Season 5 Episode 1 - 3 Review: The Party Don't Stop... And Neither Do the Murders

    Some Netflix shows have a break of several years between shows, but thankfully, that’s not the case for Elite

    Note: This review will cover the first three episodes of the brand-new season as they were available to the media in advance. 

    Elite Season 5 debuts less than a year after season 4, but there’s just as much angst, drama, sex, sexual fluidity, and, of course, murder, as ever. 

    Honestly, have you met a group of teens that endured more death than the student body at Las Encinas?

    Much like previous seasons, season 5 opens up with Samu arrested for murder, but we have no idea whose body is floating around in the water. 

    The rotation of interviews with the students provides a snippet of insight, and one might narrow down the victim list to Benjamin, Omar, or Ivan. 

    9 Best Spanish-Language TV Shows You Have to Binge Watch on Netflix

    Rebeka informs the cops that the killer is definitely not Samu as he’d like them to believe, but it’s unclear if she actually knows who the murderer is or if she knows it’s not him because it’s her. 

    There’s enough anger directed at Benjamin from literally everyone in school to make his death plausible. Omar is also an outcast who has made an enemy of the few that still loved him and got himself caught up in a dangerous situation. And Ivan, though innocent at first, has a darkness about him; it’s clear he loves to play with fire. But more on that later.

    Because aside from the new victim, there’s also the lingering mystery of what happened to Armando, Mencia’s abuser from last season.

    Even all these months later, his existence still plagues the Blanco family because they have absolutely no idea he’s dead.

    Only Samu, Rebeka, Guzman, and the audience know he’s at the bottom of the lake. There are a few moments where the secret is too much for Rebeka and Samu and they debate coming clean, especially as Ari tries to move on with her near-death experience and embraces a “you only live once” mentality that puts her in all sorts of questionable situations.

    Her fervor for living her best life lends itself to a bit of a tug and pull in her relationship with Samu, who finds himself very loyal to Benjamin, a man he considers to be somewhat of a father figure.

    Elite Season 5 Episode 1 - 3 Review: The Party Don't Stop... And Neither Do the Murders


    Benjamin puts his faith in Samu and wants him to rein Ari in, and thus, Samu finds himself torn and in what can only be described as a three-way relationship with a daughter and her father. And trying to please them both means that he’s disappointing everyone.

    As detectives swarm in hopes of finding out what really happened to Armando, they begin to point fingers at family members, including Patrick, whose short temper occasionally gets the best of him. In an effort to erase all of the pain she’s caused her family, Mencia decides to come clean about the arrangement she had with Armando. It’s also why she has decided to live a quieter and tamer lifestyle, which doesn’t bode well for her relationship with Rebe. 

    Rebe and Mencia skirt the lines of will-they-or-won’t-they, but as Mencia tries to put herself back in the closet, Rebe puts an end to their relationship. 

    Many season 4 storylines spill over into the new season, including Phillipe’s confession of abuse. Elodie uses his apology to destroy the royal by announcing that he raped her, which taints his perfect image at the school.

    He begs Cayetana to confess what happened in the limo so that Benjamin will stop protecting him and kick him out of the school as it would allow him to seek refuge in his home country. She considers helping him out, but after a little persuasion from the new student, she realizes that’s the easy way out.

    Honestly, this might be the most important storyline on the series as it holds Phillipe accountable for his actions. He doesn’t just get to ruin lives, run off to his safe space, and do it again. He has to face the people he hurt and the people who know what he did every single day.  He needs to build himself back up. He needs to earn a second chance. And most importantly, he needs to want to change. Cayetana drags him to therapy and promises that she’ll be by his side, and it’s sweet, but it’s not helping because he’s not the one initiating it. He’s only going so that she takes him back, which is a terrible excuse to go to therapy.

    He pretty much throws a tantrum every time because he’s forced to confront the ugly side of himself and dig into why he did what he did. And when it gets tough, he runs away to his “yes girl” who makes him feel safe by throwing on rose-colored glasses, excusing his behavior, and convincing him that he’s not as terrible of a human as they say he is. 

    Every new season ushers in a slew of new faces to Las Encinas.

    Elite Season 5 Episode 1 - 3 Review: The Party Don't Stop... And Neither Do the Murders

    Credit: Netflix

    Isadora (Valentina Zenere) joins as an Empress and heiress of a nightlife empire in Ibiza who takes a liking to Phillipe. She’s so adamant about helping him clear his name, in fact, that she suggests they enter into a fake relationship. The logic here is that two pretty and rich people together will make the public forget all about his abuse. And on some level, she likely wants the fake relationship to become real.

    We don’t know much about her motivation with Phillipe, but based on a brief heart-t0-heart, it seems as though Isadora is a believer in second chances because she too has paid the price for a mistake in her past. 

    The second newcomer is Ivan (André Lamoglia), the son of the greatest soccer player in the world who doesn’t know when to stop the party.

    Ivan and Patrick immediately click, and while everyone at the school — and likely many fans at home — assumes Ivan is gay, he assures them that he’s very hetero. 

    Patrick, however, thinks he can persuade Ivan into sleeping with him through his good looks and charm, so he concocts a “no rules” party where everyone is basically encouraged to come naked and hook up with anyone and everyone without judgment. 

    Unfortunately, the night doesn’t go as planned for Patrick as he doesn’t get to hook up with Ivan.

    Samu, however, gets to lock lips with him before Ivan informs Ari that he’s completely smitten with her. She’s kind of into it, but also totally against it. It seems as though she’ll likely give in to temptation by the end of the season given her “live life” attitude.

    And as I mentioned before, Ivan’s desire to walk a dangerous path will likely infuriate more than one person, including Samu and Patrick. 

    Elite Season 5 Episode 1 - 3 Review: The Party Don't Stop... And Neither Do the Murders

    ELITE (L to R) ANDRÉ LAMOGLIA as IVÁN in episode 02 of ÉLITE. Cr. MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2021

    Benjamin sets his sights on the students in hopes of forcing them to finally focus on school and less on partying, drugs, and hooking up, but the harder he pushes, the more they rebel. 

    Patrick’s party, during which he encourages everyone to go on airplane mode so that they can’t be tracked by the adults including his father, who is referred to as the “dictator” by some students, is just one example of it. 

    Social distancing definitely takes on a whole new meaning on the series as it has nothing to do with COVID. 

    At one point, in a fit of revenge, Benjamin forces the class to vote on which student they would like to expel as punishment for the drug-fueled party.

    Omar is the deciding vote, and he votes for Samu knowing that the “teacher’s pet” won’t actually get expelled. 

    7 Biggest Moments from ‘Elite’ Season 4

    Benjamin announces that Samu will be expelled for three days, and the moment is the last straw for Samu and Omar’s already fractured friendship. 

    Ever since Ander left and hasn’t been responding to Omar’s messages, Samu has felt suffocated in the friendship. Omar’s parent-like vibe is overbearing. It’s likely something they could’ve come back from, but when, Omar takes pity on a man named Bilal who comes to the restaurant looking for food, gets a job, and then is caught stealing at the end of the shift, it throws their friendship in a new direction.

    Samu thinks Omar is too trusting, yet Omar opens up the home he shares with Samu as shelter for Bilal, who reveals that she’s trying to avoid some gangsters that are coming after him.

    Bilal once again bites the hand that feeds him when he steals Samu’s laptop, and yet, Omar shrugs it off by defending him and saying that he needs it more than Samu.

    There’s definitely too much animosity between these two, which leads me to believe that it might just be Omar who will be the season’s victim, especially as he’s gotten involved in a dangerous situation if Bilal is telling the truth.

    He has gotten pretty entwined with the storyline, and while he said that helping people might have illuminated the path to social work for him, maybe he gets in too deep?

    Then again, maybe Bilal made it all up to take advantage of Omar? 

    Maybe Patrick kills Ivan in one of his uncontrollable fits of rage? 

    As the rest of the season unfolds, we’ll get all the pieces to do the puzzle, but until then, what did you think of the first three episodes of Elite season 5?

    ‘Elite’ Season 4 Review: New Students, New Mystery, Same Scandalous Drama

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    Spring 2022 Season Finale Dates Revealed for NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX



    Season Finale Dates spring 2022

    Spring showers bring TV season finales to your screen. 

    The major networks — NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS — have announced all their season and series finale dates for the spring of 2022.

    Check out the list below to find out when your favorite shows are coming to an end this season! 



    9 pm  Abbott Elementary Season 1 finale

    9 pm black-ish series finale

    SUNDAY, MAY 15
    10 pm The Rookie Season 4 finale

    MONDAY, MAY 16
    10 pm The Good Doctor Season 5 finale

    8 pm The Goldbergs Season 9 finale
    8:30 pm The Wonder Years Season 1 finale
    9 pm The Conners Season 4 finale
    9:30 pm Home Economics Season 2 finale
    10 pm A Million Little Things Season 4 finale

    8 pm Station 19 Season 5 finale
    10 pm Big Sky Season 2 finale

    8 pm Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 finale (two hours)



    8 pm Undercover Boss Season 11 finale

    9 pm Ghosts Season 1 finale

    10 pm Good Sam Season 1 finale

    9 pm Magnum P.I. Season 4 finale
    10 pm Blue Bloods Season 12 finale

    SUNDAY, MAY 15
    8 pm The Equalizer Season 2 finale

    9 pm Beyond the Edge Season 1 finale (two hours)

    8 m Young Sheldon Season 5 finale
    8:30 pm United States of Al Season 2 finale

    SUNDAY, MAY 22
    9 pm NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 finale
    10 pm S.W.A.T. Season 5 finale

    MONDAY, MAY 23
    8 pm The Neighborhood Season 4 finale
    8:30 pm Bob Hearts Abishola Season 3 finale
    9 pm NCIS Season 19 finale
    10 pm NCIS: Hawai’i Season 1 finale

    8 pm FBI Season 4 finale
    9 pm FBI: International Season 1 finale
    10 pm FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 finale

    8 pm Survivor Season 42 finale (three hours)

    10 pm Bull series finale



    9 pm Call Me Kat Season 2 finale

    9 pm Domino Masters Season 1 finale

    MONDAY, MAY 16
    8 pm 9-1-1 Season 5 finale
    9 pm 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 3 finale

    8 pm The Resident Season 5 finale

    8 pm The Masked Singer Season 7 finale

    SUNDAY, MAY 22
    8 pm The Simpsons 33 Season finale
    8:30 pm The Great North Season 2 finale
    9 pm Bob’s Burgers Season 12 finale
    9:30 pm Family Guy Season 20 finale

    9 pm Name That Tune Season 2 finale

    8:30 pm Welcome to Flatch Season 1 finale

    8 pm MasterChef Junior Season 8 finale



    10 pm The Thing About Pam limited series finale

    10 pm The Endgame Season 1 finale

    8 pm American Song Contest Season 1 finale

    8:30 pm Mr. Mayor Season 2 finale

    8 pm Law & Order Season 21 finale
    9 pm Law & Order: SVU Season 23 finale
    10 pm Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 finale

    8 pm Young Rock (new episode)
    8:30 pm Young Rock Season 2 finale
    9 pm This Is Us series finale
    10 pm New Amsterdam Season 4 finale

    8 pm Chicago Med Season 7 finale
    9 pm Chicago Fire Season 10 finale
    10 pm Chicago P.D. Season 9 finale

    FRIDAY, MAY 27
    8 pm The Blacklist Season 9 finale

    10 pm Transplant Season 2 finale

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    Best Shay Mitchell Movies and TV Shows to Watch



    Best Shay Mitchell Movies and TV Shows to Watch

    All the Reese Witherspoon TV Shows You Have to Watch

    Shay Mitchell has amassed quite a following on social media with her hilarious and relatable TikTok videos, but on-screen is where she delivers the real gold and pours herself into the most challenging roles.

    Here are the best movies and TV shows starring Shay Mitchell to add to your must-watch list:


    Pretty Little Liars – Freeform

    Shay became a household name after bringing Emily Fields to life in the ABC Family/Freeform mystery drama. Emily and her best friends attempted to solve the mystery surrounding their best friend’s disappearance while fielding text messages from a digital stalker at every turn. Shay’s portrayal was also pivotal as it brought to life one of the best LGBTQ characters for the network! 


    Dollface – Hulu

    After being dumped, Jules (Kat Dennings) rekindles her female friendship with Madison (Brenda Song) and the eccentric Stella (Shay) and re-enters the world where your girlfriends trump romantic relationships. Each character brings a certain personality to the series, but Stella is definitely the most vibrant and worldly. 


    You – Netflix

    In its first season of the psychological thriller, Shay tackled the role of Peach Salinger, the best friend of Joe’s (Penn Badgley) first obsession Beck (Elizabeth Lail). And you know that any friend of Beck’s is an enemy of Joe’s. 



    The Possession of Hannah Grace – Sony Pictures

    Shay flexed her horror muscle as cop-turned-morgue worker Megan Reed, who accepts a delivery of a disfigured cadaver during the graveyard shift and is plagued with horrifying visions as she’s possessed by a demonic spirit. 


    Mother’s Day

    The film revolves around several different mother’s day events, including one with Sandy (Jennifer Aniston), a single mom that finds out her ex-husband is marrying a younger woman, Tina, played by Shay.




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