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You – Living With The Enemy (1×05)

You/ Lifetime



The race for Beck’s heart is on… but who will it be? Joe or Peach?

Beck is so blind to everything that’s going on around her, she doesn’t even know she has two sociopath stalkers fighting over her. How is it that she can be so out-of-touch with people’s motivations?

Joe may be batshit crazy but he’s right about one thing — she needs him to protect her.

Peach began showing her manipulative shades of crazy this week. We knew she had the hots for Beck, but we didn’t know just how deep her obsession ran.

Here’s the thing about Joe and Peach — they both know exactly what they’re doing and what game the other is playing that’s why they keep butting heads.

And it’s precisely why things are intensifying for them. They feel like they have to fight harder and eliminate each other to keep their hold on poor Beck.

I don’t want to say she has it coming, but seriously, being so naive to the world around her kind of makes her an easy target. She also isn’t doing herself any favors by refusing to stick up for either of them when she knows they are wrong. Allowing Peach to enter his home, accuse him of theft and allow him to ransack the place was horrible of her. Stand up for your man.

Peach has the upper hand in this situation because she’s been slowly crafting a place for herself in Beck’s life for years. Too much has transpired between them, there are too many memories for one little fight about Peach trying to sabotage her career to come between them.

And Joe knows it; he knows he’s playing a losing game which is why he resorted to extremes and clobbered Peach over the head with a rock.

Was it the smartest life decision? Nope. And again, Joe was very aware of that. Following his actions, his mind ran amuck with regret but ultimately, he owned what he did and was ready to lose everything to protect her.

There are so many twisted things about Joe and I’d say accepting that he was going to be charged with murder and could potentially lose Beck forever was pretty high on that list.

But for someone as smart as Joe, simply assuming Peach died was also naive.

It was daylight and anyone could have seen him, sure, but not checking her pulse before running away was stupid. As was throwing away the bloody rock with his fingerprints on it.

Since Peach is alive, she will undoubtedly place the blame on Joe because he told her in passing that he’d picked up running. Probably not his smartest move but again, not thought through at all.

All that tells me though is that while Joe is a murderer, he doesn’t go into life expecting to murder people nor is does he cope well with it. Remember when he killed Benji? He couldn’t dispose of the body initially because he threw up at the sight of it.

If Joe’s intention was to kill Peach, he would have been better prepared. Subconsciously, he’s ready to do whatever in his power to keep and protect Beck, so that’s where those drastic and poor life choices come in.

And while he has moments where he’s really smart at handling situations, there are also moments where I wonder where his brain is. When he put back Peach’s laptop during her supposed overdose, did he not think about there possibly being cameras? She’s a Salinger for crying out loud.

It’s pretty hilarious to watch Joe call Peach a sociopath, liar, stalker and so forth when everything he’s saying about her describes him to a tee.

It’s also worrisome that he somehow thinks Peach is dangerous and doesn’t realize that he’s the exact same person and poses the same threat to Beck as she does.

Peach is more transparent in her actions, well, at least to everyone except Beck. Everyone knew she was the one that blasted Annika with the drunk racist video. Heck, even Beck knew which is why it’s so weird that she’s still “ride or die” for her. Maybe she knows the true nature of her friend and just accepts it because she didn’t have anyone else?

Her suicidal tendencies also trap Beck in the friendship because she’s too scared to do anything that might set her off. Having her think she’s the only person who can walk Peach off a ledge forces her to stick around and be there for her, which ultimately enables Peach.

Joe is slicker in his actions and is better able to fool Beck’s friends. They all think that he’s “boyfriend of the year” material when he’s really just saying and doing everything to make people think he’s a decent dude.

That’s probably why there are times when I find myself rooting for him. There are moments when it seems like he’s a decent dude and again times where I’m he gives me the creeps. Masturbating the photo he found in Peach’s diary is one of those “this dude is nuts” moments.

He also has his fair share of redeeming moments. Saving Paco’s abusive stepfather was one of those moments, as was acknowledging that the beat down he got was karmic in nature.

However, I think he was more motivated to save him because he didn’t want Paco to carry that weight. When he finally decides to off him (because you know it’s eventually coming), the death will be on him.

But even so, he’s still less dangerous to Beck personally than Peach is. Unlike Joe who pushes Beck to be the best version of herself, Peach doesn’t want her to succeed, she just wants to keep her to herself.

The series also makes it a point to show that though Peach and Joe are two obsessive and messed up humans, they aren’t like that for no reason. Both Joe and Peach had dysfunctional childhoods which have crafted them into who they are today.

There are moments in their upbringing that you can distinctly pinpoint to explain why they are behaving the way that they are.

So seeing Paco go through the motions, learn about revenge, and try to drug his stepson ultimately means he’s going to grow up just as screwed up as Joe.

For now, the main focus is on Beck, so I wonder what Paco and his family add to the story on a greater scale.

What do you think? Will Beck dump them both? Will one of them kill off the other? Will somehow have incriminating evidence on Joe? How will he explain the bruises?

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Everything We Already Know About ‘YOU’ Season 3 on Netflix Including New Cast Members



Everything We Know About You Season 3

Hello, you.

Joe Goldberg, Will Bettelheim, or whatever we’re calling him these days, is only just getting started with you. 

WARNING: stop reading if you don’t want spoilers for YOU Season 1 and Season 2! 

The second season of the Lifetime-turned-Netflix series left on a pretty major cliffhanger: Joe is expecting a child with Love. Oh, and despite being confronted by someone equally as insane that made him realize his behavior and actions are completely unacceptable, he cannot help himself when he notices his new neighbor and his stalker-senses start tingling again.

Given all of that, it’s no surprise that the upcoming third season (which was renewed in early January) is highly-anticipated. It’s shaping up to be even more intense than the first two seasons combined.

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The stakes are much higher now that a child is involved, Joe is being held accountable for his actions by Love, and much to his dismay, he’s stuck in a relationship with someone he’s not even in love with.

So, here’s what we know about the third season of YOU.

  • You’re going to binge-watch it – HA, okay, that was just a joke to see if you were paying attention. Of course, you’re going to binge-watch it.
  • It will premiere in 2021 – Netflix has confirmed that. In other words, you have about a year to recover from the insanity that was season 2.
  • Production has already kicked off – Showrunner Sera Gamble took to Twitter to share that “We’ve started work on season 3. Just thought you’d want to know.” And yes, we did want to know, so thank you, Sera.

  • It will be 10 episodes – Both seasons have consisted of 10 episodes so why fix something that isn’t broken, am I right?

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i’m addicted to you don’t you know that you’re toxic

A post shared by YOU (@younetflix) on

  • You’ll see some familiar faces – Badgley will obviously reprise his character as stalker Joe, while Victoria Pedretti will return as his psycho baby momma Love Quinn.
  • Who are the new cast members? – Shalita Grant joins as Sherry, a “Mom-fluencer” who appears down to earth but is really a mean girl pretending to invite Love into her circle. Travis Van Winkle will play Cary, a wealthy guy who invites Joe into his circle. Sounds ominous. And if we know anything about Joe and Love, this isn’t going to end well for either Sherry or Travis.
  • Will Ellie be back? It’s not confirmed, but I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll also see Jenna Ortega return because we need a wellness check on that girl!

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do-do you have a first aid kit handy??

A post shared by YOU (@younetflix) on

  • The dream team is returning – Not Joe and Love… never Joe and Love. We’re talking about Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti who delivered some twisted television magic.
  • Can I crush on Joe? – Seriously, no. He’s a narcissistic murder no matter how great his jawline is. You all saw what happened to Delilah.
  • The neighbor will be explored – Not much is known about the plot of season 3, but I reckon the object of Joe’s attention in those final moments is going to play a vital role. Even the season 3 announcement teased “see you soon, neighbor.” There are plenty of theories about who the mystery woman could be (Badgley debunked that it’s his mother, but do we believe him?), but I really want it to be Candace again. She can be like “hey, I’m still not dead.” Or maybe it’s Beck’s sister? Whoever it is, I don’t think it’s going to be anyone random.

  • Is it based on a book? Maybe. The first two seasons were based on novels by Caroline Kepnes, although, the plot did stray from the book ever so slightly. Kepnes is currently writing her third book and close to being finished, but there’s no word if it will inspire the third season.
  • Will Joe finally get what’s coming to him? I mean, I hope so. Whatever happened to the pee cup? How can no one tie any of these murders to him? Why does he keep getting away?

As you wait for the new season, you can binge-watch season 1 and 2 on Netflix.

And don’t forget to check out the funniest memes inspired by our dear Joe and his murderous tendencies.

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Why ‘YOU’ Season 2 Wasn’t As Believable as Season 1



You Christmas Characters Getting Coal

When You Season 2 dropped on Netflix the day after Christmas, all the good boys and girls were nestled on their couches watching Will Bettlehim nee Joe Goldberg start a new life in Los Angeles.

Some of his season highlights included grinding up a man in a meat grinder (I’ll never look at ground beef the same), getting a job at Anavarin (Nirvana spelled backward), and falling in love with a woman named Love despite swearing off romance following the turmoil he endured from his previous relationship.

New Obsession - YOU Season 2 Episode 9

At first glance — and after binge-ing in almost a full sitting (bathroom and snack breaks were mandatory) — the series was a thrilling follow-up to Joe’s first murderous escapades in New York City that ended in Beck’s demise and Candace’s return from the dead.

In retrospect, and after the adrenaline of Will/Joe’s antics wore off, I realized the second season didn’t live up to my expectations the way that I had hoped.

My biggest gripe with the season was that it was unbelievable.

The first season engulfed audiences (well, after it hit Netflix since it was not as widely received when it aired on Lifetime, unfortunately), because of how relatable it was.

While many of us likely aren’t being stalked by a sociopath (hopefully and thankfully), there are elements from Joe and Beck’s toxic relationship that we could all connect to.

For starters, plenty of 20-somethings are living a life solely constructed for the ‘gram while simultaneously being a muddle of insecurities and emotions just like Beck.

The rise of online dating also makes us aware of the possibility of going on a date with a serial killer, though it hasn’t stopped us from putting ourselves out there and trying to find a soulmate yet.

We also know a Beck or we’ve all been a Beck, a woman who is too desperate for love and attention and is dating a guy that is all wrong for her.

And, there’s a high probability that we’ve all definitely dated a person who turned out to be someone they’re not.

It’s likely the person wasn’t a psychopath who was way too comfortable with permanently eliminating his problems and obstacles, but you get the idea.

With all that in mind, not much about the first season seemed impractical or unrealistic. In short, Beck got stalked by a guy, she was oblivious, she knew the relationship was toxic, but she kept going back to him, and it ended up with her 10 feet under.

She also didn’t know how to properly close her blinds, but that’s an editorial for a different day.

he point is — this Beck could exist in real-life, and unfortunately, we know that this Joe, or a version of Joe, exists in real life.

Penn Badgley’s portrayal of Joe was never the problem.

Even in Season 2, he’s played with the same dangerous perfection that you find yourself drawn to him, rooting for him, and relating to him while simultaneously being terrified of his every move.

And despite being slightly more likable and humanized in the second season almost to the point of a stereotypical reformed bad boy a la Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, there’s still a constant tug-and-pull where you think Joe is becoming a better person only for him to remind you that he’s a killer underneath all that charisma and occasional compassion.

Scaring Candace - Tall - YOU Season 2 Episode 5

Most of the problems with the season stem from the plot, which often becomes contrived and unrealistic to continuously raise the stakes and keep the audience in a state of suspense and fear.

First off, Joe re-built an underground bunker, which probably made you go, “seriously?” How did he get his hands on all that glass? How did he get the design perfectly similar to the one he had in his bookshop? Who knows. And don’t get me started on the lack of security cameras at the storage facility.

Then, Joe steals Will Bettleheim’s identity, which isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility.

Read the full post at TV Fanatic! 

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TV Shows to Binge During Your Self-Quarantine and Social Distancing



TV Shows to watch While Working from Home Coronavirus

In case you haven’t been keeping up with global news, coronavirus, COVID-19, is forcing everyone to practice the 2020 version of”conscious uncoupling” known as “social distancing.”

Many cities/states are on lockdown with bars, restaurants, and other establishments closing their doors to keep the outbreak from spreading even more than it has.

If you’ve found yourself self-quarantined at home on the couch to prevent the spread of germs, you’ll likely be looking for things to keep yourself occupied.

Many shows have shuttered production with daytime and late-night talk shows going sans audiences or completely dark for the remainder of the month.

And this means it’s the perfect time to binge-watch those shows you’ve been putting off.

Here are some shows to watch during your self-quarantine.



What the world needs now is a fixer who could tell us all how to get out of this mess. Since that’s not possible, we have the next best thing in Olivia Pope, DC’s fixer and right-hand to the President, who is also in a torrid love affair with him. It’s political, dramatic, and sexy as hell to this day.



Don’t you wish we could all travel back to a time before the coronavirus? Same. Maybe if we had a time machine like Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus, we totally could. But alas, we’ll have to settle for watching their journey through key historical moments as they attempt to stop Rittenhouse from destroying the world.



Locke & Key

Think Harry Potter meets Narnia. Netflix’s new fantasy thriller finds a family moving into a mansion following their father’s death where they learn that it’s filled with secret keys that open up portals to other dimensions. You never know where you’ll end up, but it’ll make you forget you’re curled up on your couch amidst a toilet-paper shortage.


Mr. Robot

Elliot works as a cybersecurity engineer by day and doubles as a vigilante hacker by night. When he’s recruited by a mysterious underground organization, he’s forced to do things that make him question his personal beliefs, his morals, and most importantly, what’s real and what isn’t.

Financial burdens (like the fact that you spent all your money stocking up on canned goods and paper towels) plague three suburban moms who are tired of always playing “catch up.” They decide to take matters into their own hands and rob a grocery store. Soon, they find themselves trying to navigate a world of crime that has absolutely no rules. As they try to survive, their actions will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Stranger Things

You’ve already heard of Stranger Things, and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s high time you do. The series takes place in 1980s Indiana and follows a group of young friends who become privy to supernatural happening within the government.

Grey’s Anatomy

There’s no better time than during a quarantine to watch all 16 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Honestly, when else are you going to have the time? All you need to know is that it’s a medical drama, there’s a doctor named McDreamy, and Shonda Rhimes is the boss babe behind it.


The Good Place 

The Good Place is a stroke of comedic genius mixed with some of the most insightful and wholesome storytelling of our generation. It’s also the only series that had the perfect series finale (fight me, but after coronavirus cause there’s a no-touching ban). Eleanor Shellstrop is shocked to find herself in the Good Place following her death and immediately realizes she’s there by mistake. No one is prepared for her hilarious afterlife antics as she hides from architect Michael and her new friends while trying to become a better version of herself.

Don’t be deterred by the plot — a young Latina woman learns she’s pregnant after she’s accidentally artificially inseminated. The series weaves together the best parts of a telenovela while adding heart, feshed-out characters, strong female leads, irresistible love interests, and family at the forefront of every storyline.


Love is Blind

In the reality TV vein, Netflix delivered the world’s newest obsession. It’s a social experiment that many claim prepared our generation for dating throughout “social distancing.” Love is Blind forces a handful of contestants to meet people while isolated in pods. Once they find their “soulmate,” they propose to them without meeting face-to-face and a few weeks later, walk down the aisle.



If you’re not familiar with Joe Goldberg, you’re missing out. YOU is a suspenseful thriller that digs into the mind of an obsessed serial killer and follows his romantic relationships.


Game of Thrones

Similarly to Greys Anatomy, when else are you going to find the time to watch all of Game of Thrones? This is the perfect time to dig into a pop culture phenomenon so you know what “winter is coming” means the next time someone mentions it.


The Marvelous Ms. Maisel

If there’s anyone that can cheer you up and put a smile on your face, it’s Ms. Maisel. Set in the late 1950s, Miriam aka “Midge” breaks the rules and pursues a career in stand-up comedy. While it’s unheard of for women of her class to pursue a career, it’s even more unheard of a woman succeeding in such an industry. But leave it to Midge to prove everyone wrong and do it with flair and style!

Binge. Enjoy. And wash your hands!

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