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You – Pilot (1×01)




The weather has cooled down, and I’ve found my new fall obsession in Lifetime’s “You.”

You is a promising offering; it’s thrilling yet sexy, provocative yet at times, uncomfortable. You bet your ass I’m referring to the scene where Joe stands outside her window watching her “finish” and pleasuring himself in the bushes. And I shudder to think that’s just the beginning of what Joe is capable of.

The premiere focused mostly on nice guy Joe Goldberg’s character, and he’s problematic in the best way.

We learned about who he is, how he operates and what he thinks via voiceovers that were directed at Beck, the girl from the bookstore.  The relationship he formed with her in his mind was alarming but concurrently, one of the best parts of the episode because it really allowed you to get inside his twisted head. You were able to stalk the stalker and make the same judgements about him that he was making about those around him.

What seemed like an innocent connection between two book nerds rather quickly turned into something more dangerous, even deadly. Joe became consumed with getting to know Beck. His obsession teetered on the border of normalcy — when he social media stalked her — to insanity — when he reported a gas leak in her apartment so he can sneak in and look through her things.

Penn Badgley’s performance of the guy-next-door-turned complete psycho was intoxicating simply because you found yourself rooting for the guy you really shouldn’t be rooting for. Tgive credit where credit is due, he did pull her up when she fell onto the train tracks, didn’t freak-out when she threw up in his face (how did he not?) and got her home safely. But he also stole her phone so he could read all of her messages and trace her every move so there’s that.

He warned “Beck” about the strangers who may have bad intentions while being the stranger with bad intentions. Everything Joe tried to protect her from, he became. It’s a stunning display of a person who lacks self-awareness even though they are able to assess and pass judgment, mostly accurate, about everyone around them.

But it’s also one thing to think he friends aren’t faithful, that her boyfriend is a douchebag, and that she’s an attention seeker, but it’s another thing to act on those judgments and impulses.

And act on them he did.

The moment when he took a hammer to bind the book for his neighbor friend was palpitating because it was evident that the next thing being struck by said hammer would be the back of Benji’s head. I predicted it, which was infuriating because should a guy like Joe really be that predictable?

Most concerning is how unaware Joe is that his crazy is untucking. On the surface he’s nice, but he’s got the manipulation down to an art. He thinks he’s superior to everyone around him, including Beck, but he also believes he’s acting out of love or that his intentions are in the right place. He believes he’s the hero in the story and also, the savior that she needs as a damsel in distress.

And he justifies his extreme action of locking up her hook-up in the book cage because he’s a shit human.

If this is what he pulls after just knowing Beck for less than a week, what else does good ‘ole Joe have in store for us?

There was a brief mention of Joe’s previous girlfriend, the one that made his so wary of love and sparked his interest on being “careful,” but it seems like she may have been his first victim.

Who knows, maybe Joe Goldberg isn’t even his real name.

I’m intrigued to see what happens when it dawns on him that the Beck he’s infatuated with, the woman he created based on the social media profiles and the perception she puts out into the world, isn’t actually the woman she really is.

Will he lose it? Will her friends pick up on the fact that Joe isn’t just a nice guy? Will they “see it in his eyes” like the abuser that lives next door?

He sees right through Joe which would make him a bigger threat than Benji. The only difference is that Ron doesn’t stand in the way of his relationship with Beck the way Benji does.

His ability to comprehend that Ron isn’t a good person because he’s a woman beater while convincing himself that whatever stalker-ish things he’s doing is concerning in itself.

There are still likable moments about Joe ranging from his cheek-in-tongue commentary about our society to taking young Paco under his wing and teaching him about books. Hopefully, this part of the friendship remains innocent. The fact that Joe would selflessly share his sandwich with the kid while not having any food in the apartment speaks volumes to there being something redeemable in Joe.

However, if he continues down this path, which I’m sure he will, those selfless acts won’t be able to save him for long.

People are disappointing Beck said upon meeting Joe and really, she has no idea.

Let this show be a lesson that you have to be very wary of what you put on social media channels and how much you allow the public to know about you.

At no point should a stranger ever be able to find out that much information about you. YOU may be the reality check our society needs.

What did you think? Rate the premiere in the comments below!

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You – Amour Fou (1×06)



You Amour Fou

It was a bloody battle for Beck’s heart, but in the end, there could only be one surviving stalker.

Were you surprised that it was Joseph?

I knew he had it in him, but given his condition during the whole stake-out, I figured Peach would definitely take this one.

Without Joe, though, there wouldn’t be much of a story because as we saw, every one of Peache’s efforts to seduce and lure Beck was unsuccessful.

The show definitely won’t be the same without Peach who served as an incredible opponent for Joe. No one else could go head-to-head with him the way she did.

The whole hour was a tantalizing example of what an obsession can do to someone and the lengths the obsession will go to.

Given that Peach knew she had a stalker, I’m not sure why she didn’t execute more caution throughout their little getaway. Why did she leave doors open? Why didn’t she hire security? Why wasn’t there an alarm?

All of this could have been prevented, or at least delayed until the next time Joe found himself in direct competition for the object of his obsession.

But by the end of the hour, she began piecing it all together and realized that she’s been right about Joe all along.

There was no way she’d ever keep this to herself, so Joe only had one solution.

Though Peach is dead, or at least, they want us to think she’s dead, Joe will undoubtedly be paying for it.

Remember how I mentioned the condition he was in? Yeah, it was not good.

He kept passing out at random moments and hallucinating his ex-girlfriend.  The verdict is out on that one that she’s most definitely dead. Those hallucinations seemed like they were a part of his guilty subconscious.

It also was Joe’s way of telling himself he needs help. He’s so aware of his mental state, but he chooses to ignore it. It’s fascinating to watch.

There’s no doubt about it, Joe will be placed at the scene of the crime eventually.

His attempt at impersonating the wealthy was convincing, but not convincing enough for the cop to erase him off his radar.

The minute he was alerted of a “suicide,” the cop knew Joe was involved.

Pee, blood, fingerprints, hair, sweat … it’s all there just waiting to be placed into evidence.

How in the world is he going to explain being UNDER Peach’s bed to the cops?

Seeing how appalled Joe was by Peach watching Beck when he was standing behind her doing the exact same thing was hilarious.

Joe is so delusional, he has no idea that he’s on the same level as Peach with his obsession.

There were so many times I wanted to give Beck the benefit of the doubt, but she’s dumber than a bag of rocks.

Why on earth would she just take some random pill that was handed to her before asking what it was?

You don’t just do drugs with people and hope for the best.

Why doesn’t she listen to Joe’s warnings? And better yet, why doesn’t she see the warning signs herself?

She began picking up on Peach’s come-on’s by the end when she desperately wanted her to go to Paris, but at that point, it was already too late.

The way she twisted her own agenda to make it seem like Beck was the crazy one was beyond deranged. This is why she’s been able to keep a grip on Beck for so long, she’s the queen of gaslighting.

I wish we saw what happened when the gun went off. I know it was supposed to be more mysterious like “who shot who,” but I’d much rather just see it happen.

Otherwise, I’m not even sure Peach really is dead. I’ve been taught never believe anything until I see a body.

Part of me even expected Beck to double-back after her fight with Peach and find the two of them battling it out in the gardens.

Wouldn’t that storyline make everything more interesting? Beck would realize that both of them were looney’s and at that point, Peach and Joe would have to work together to win her back, or worse, silence her.

Joe and Peach would make a pretty solid team.

Other Observations

  • Why didn’t they show Peach’s funeral?
  • We met Paco’s mother, Claudia, and she promised she kicked her deadbeat boyfriend out. Will he make a comeback? Will she tell authorities about Joe’s gunshot wound?
  • Joe’s car was registered to a completely different name? Is Joe not even Joe?
  • It’s clear that Beck will never make it out of this alive. Joe wants control over Beck and he’s willing to do anything to get it. Eventually, Beck will be the person standing in his way of gaining that control. And you know what will happen then.
  • I’m going to say he’s going to lock her up and keep her prisoner for as long as he can before killing her a la Benji style.
  • It’s the only way, Beck.
  • Which reminds me, there is no way Peach would have been able to recognize Benji’s watch. Yes, maybe she’d be able to tell that Joe was wearing a watch that was out of his means, but not whose it was.

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You – Living With The Enemy (1×05)



You Living With the Enemy

The race for Beck’s heart is on… but who will it be? Joe or Peach?

Beck is so blind to everything that’s going on around her, she doesn’t even know she has two sociopath stalkers fighting over her. How is it that she can be so out-of-touch with people’s motivations?

Joe may be batshit crazy but he’s right about one thing — she needs him to protect her.

Peach began showing her manipulative shades of crazy this week. We knew she had the hots for Beck, but we didn’t know just how deep her obsession ran.

Here’s the thing about Joe and Peach — they both know exactly what they’re doing and what game the other is playing that’s why they keep butting heads.

And it’s precisely why things are intensifying for them. They feel like they have to fight harder and eliminate each other to keep their hold on poor Beck.

I don’t want to say she has it coming, but seriously, being so naive to the world around her kind of makes her an easy target. She also isn’t doing herself any favors by refusing to stick up for either of them when she knows they are wrong. Allowing Peach to enter his home, accuse him of theft and allow him to ransack the place was horrible of her. Stand up for your man.

Peach has the upper hand in this situation because she’s been slowly crafting a place for herself in Beck’s life for years. Too much has transpired between them, there are too many memories for one little fight about Peach trying to sabotage her career to come between them.

And Joe knows it; he knows he’s playing a losing game which is why he resorted to extremes and clobbered Peach over the head with a rock.

Was it the smartest life decision? Nope. And again, Joe was very aware of that. Following his actions, his mind ran amuck with regret but ultimately, he owned what he did and was ready to lose everything to protect her.

There are so many twisted things about Joe and I’d say accepting that he was going to be charged with murder and could potentially lose Beck forever was pretty high on that list.

But for someone as smart as Joe, simply assuming Peach died was also naive.

It was daylight and anyone could have seen him, sure, but not checking her pulse before running away was stupid. As was throwing away the bloody rock with his fingerprints on it.

Since Peach is alive, she will undoubtedly place the blame on Joe because he told her in passing that he’d picked up running. Probably not his smartest move but again, not thought through at all.

All that tells me though is that while Joe is a murderer, he doesn’t go into life expecting to murder people nor is does he cope well with it. Remember when he killed Benji? He couldn’t dispose of the body initially because he threw up at the sight of it.

If Joe’s intention was to kill Peach, he would have been better prepared. Subconsciously, he’s ready to do whatever in his power to keep and protect Beck, so that’s where those drastic and poor life choices come in.

And while he has moments where he’s really smart at handling situations, there are also moments where I wonder where his brain is. When he put back Peach’s laptop during her supposed overdose, did he not think about there possibly being cameras? She’s a Salinger for crying out loud.

It’s pretty hilarious to watch Joe call Peach a sociopath, liar, stalker and so forth when everything he’s saying about her describes him to a tee.

It’s also worrisome that he somehow thinks Peach is dangerous and doesn’t realize that he’s the exact same person and poses the same threat to Beck as she does.

Peach is more transparent in her actions, well, at least to everyone except Beck. Everyone knew she was the one that blasted Annika with the drunk racist video. Heck, even Beck knew which is why it’s so weird that she’s still “ride or die” for her. Maybe she knows the true nature of her friend and just accepts it because she didn’t have anyone else?

Her suicidal tendencies also trap Beck in the friendship because she’s too scared to do anything that might set her off. Having her think she’s the only person who can walk Peach off a ledge forces her to stick around and be there for her, which ultimately enables Peach.

Joe is slicker in his actions and is better able to fool Beck’s friends. They all think that he’s “boyfriend of the year” material when he’s really just saying and doing everything to make people think he’s a decent dude.

That’s probably why there are times when I find myself rooting for him. There are moments when it seems like he’s a decent dude and again times where I’m he gives me the creeps. Masturbating the photo he found in Peach’s diary is one of those “this dude is nuts” moments.

He also has his fair share of redeeming moments. Saving Paco’s abusive stepfather was one of those moments, as was acknowledging that the beat down he got was karmic in nature.

However, I think he was more motivated to save him because he didn’t want Paco to carry that weight. When he finally decides to off him (because you know it’s eventually coming), the death will be on him.

But even so, he’s still less dangerous to Beck personally than Peach is. Unlike Joe who pushes Beck to be the best version of herself, Peach doesn’t want her to succeed, she just wants to keep her to herself.

The series also makes it a point to show that though Peach and Joe are two obsessive and messed up humans, they aren’t like that for no reason. Both Joe and Peach had dysfunctional childhoods which have crafted them into who they are today.

There are moments in their upbringing that you can distinctly pinpoint to explain why they are behaving the way that they are.

So seeing Paco go through the motions, learn about revenge, and try to drug his stepson ultimately means he’s going to grow up just as screwed up as Joe.

For now, the main focus is on Beck, so I wonder what Paco and his family add to the story on a greater scale.

What do you think? Will Beck dump them both? Will one of them kill off the other? Will somehow have incriminating evidence on Joe? How will he explain the bruises?

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