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YOU Season 4 Episode 4 Recap Hampsie YOU Season 4 Episode 4 Recap Hampsie


YOU Review – Hampsie (404)

You. Ben Wiggins as Roald in episode 404 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022



Whoever is writing this season of YOU is truly a murder mystery fanatic because I feel like I, and Joe Goldberg, have just been dropped into a massive game of Clue… on designer drugs. 

The latest installment, YOU Season 4 Episode 4, takes us on a getaway trip to “Hampsie” where the elite bunch aims to lay low while avoiding the “eat the rich” killer. Of course, locking away a bunch of vapid, egotistical, and privileged psychos in one very large castle is a recipe for disaster—and that’s what made this one of the best episodes of the season thus far. 

Joe went into the trip with one goal in mind—to figure out which one of them is you a.k.a his stalker and the murderer—but he found himself uncovering much more than he bargained for in the murder mystery within a murder mystery dinner. No, I’m serious, these people thought it was a good idea to have a murder mystery dinner while there’s a murderer on the loose. It’s so on the nose, it actually makes sense. 

Joe also got closer to Kate than he ever expected, while Roald shot straight to the top of the suspect list. Not to mention the episode ended with a murder, but that wasn’t nearly as shocking as the reveal of the person wielding the murder weapon.

But let’s back it up just a bit because the episode starts with Joe being questioned by the police… again. While it definitely seemed as though the elite bunch hoped that Jonathan would get caught up, the police were pretty much smitten by his charming personality and the fact that the tip he gave them proved to be fruitful. He’s not off the hook just yet, but he’s definitely not their top priority, which works in his favor for now.

He was pretty shocked to snag an invite to the country home, but it was Phoebe asking, so it wasn’t that out of the ordinary. We already know she has a soft spot for Joe. However, he later learned that it wasn’t a pity invite from Phoebe but rather a suggestion by Roald, who seems to have adopted the “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer” mindset when it comes to “Jonathan.”  

While there are some redeeming members of the elite bunch, the majority of them are absolutely dreadful and downright terrible people. The privilege oozes from them as they truly believe that they are better than the rest of the world because of their unearned wealth. Gemma, particularly, thinks that being wealthy gives her a pass to treat the staff as her personal maids, as we saw her belittling them at every corner. It was sickening to watch, but it also proved that there’s no shortage of people who would want them—and her—dead. Thus, when she was the next one to turn up gutted with a knife, it wasn’t shocking in the slightest. 

Roald’s attitude and behavior weren’t as extreme as Gemma’s, and much of it could be chalked up to jealousy. He didn’t want much to do with Joe, brushing him off like some kind of lost mutt that the group adopted and couldn’t shake, but with time, we learned that his hatred stemmed from his obsession with Kate. The obsession ran so deep, in fact, that Joe even found the pics of her on his camera to be especially creepy. I’ll reiterate—Joe was disturbed by someone else’s stalker-ish nature. 

YOU Season 4 Episode 4 Recap Hampsie

You. (L to R) Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe, Charlotte Ritchie as Kate in episode 404 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

At this point, Roald ticks off way too many boxes—not only does he have the stalker thing down, but he’s got motive and opportunity, and we know he’s dangerous and capable as he took his shot at Joe not once but twice. 

The first time, he aimed a hunting gun at the back of Joe’s head but was interrupted by Kate, who seemed pretty shaken up. I don’t think he would’ve taken the shot, but she certainly didn’t believe it was possible, which was further proof that he isn’t above considering killing someone. The thought has definitely crossed his mind and that’s half the battle. 

The second time, when he found Joe snooping around his room, Roald actually committed a violent act by pushing him out of a second-story window—which means he’s definitely capable of killing. He didn’t even check on Joe to see the extent of the damage. 

Joe survived, thankfully (and yes, I do realize that I’m cheering Joe on this season but honestly, how can you not?), but it riled him. Before he could even begin to process the chain of events, he heard a scream and went to search for Kate. There’s an unspoken chemistry between Joe and Kate, which definitely took them both by surprise. I guess there truly is a fine line between love and hate… and it’s possible that he may have found his true soulmate because she was the one holding the bloody knife and standing over Gemma’s lifeless body.

Here we go again, folks. Maybe? Possibly.

As I mentioned before, Gemma’s death wasn’t the least bit shocking, but Kate’s possible involvement kicks things into high gear. There are a million ways that this can unfold, however, and like the cliffhanger from the episode before, my guess is that it’s a red herring situation again. I don’t think Kate is the next Love because that wouldn’t be very exciting now would it? It’s more plausible that Kate found Gemma already dead and picked up the murder weapon right as Joe walked in rather than the theory that Kate actually committed the crime. 

But there’s no denying that it doesn’t look good for her.

And Joe has to play this smart because he can’t divulge that he knows exactly what to do to cover it up and clean up the body as that would reveal way too much about him.

If you think about it, they are playing this cat-and-mouse game because neither of them has been completely honest with the other about who they are. 

Kate is different from the other women Joe has dated or even fallen in love with. The attraction wasn’t there immediately, nor did he pursue Kate in hopes of finding romance. He hasn’t even obsessed over her in the same way he did with the others. This season, amongst all the crazies, Joe actually seems normal, and that’s a scary thought. It’s so easy to forget all of the sins of his past, so in a way, it’s good that you is out there keeping him somewhat accountable. 

Kate has a darkness and coldness to her, yet she’s still shrouded in so much mystery. We think we know that she’s innocent, but we don’t actually know what she’s capable of, only that she’s trying to become a better person and terribly ashamed of the fact that her father is one of the richest men on the planet who has made his profits off of the backs of innocent people. 

They are also similar in the damage they’ve endured, and they both want to do better while finding themselves being pulled deeper into this chaotic world. 

YOU Season 4 Episode 4 Recap Hampsie

You. (L to R) Penn Bedgley as Joe, Lukas Gage as Adam in episode 404 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

The only reason we learned the truth about Kate was because of Roald, who took pleasure in outing her “real identity” to Joe, or at least hinting at there being more to the story. Honestly, it’s not surprising that she despises him so much and wants nothing to do with him romantically. Why would Roald ever think a strong-willed woman like that would be with someone who doesn’t value or respect her? If he really knew Kate as well as he says he does, he would’ve figured that out by now. She doesn’t want to be like the others in the group—she doesn’t want her family’s wealth to define her. 

All of this will play into what happens next between Joe, Kate, and Gemma’s body. And I have no doubt it’ll be beyond entertaining. 

Gemma’s death will likely send our characters into a downward spiral and steal the spotlight from the other storylines, including Phoebe’s discovery that Adam was cheating on her. She stumbled upon his conversation with one of the staff members who seemingly indulged in Adam’s sexual kinks in the past. I’m actually surprised isn’t the next victim as it would’ve tracked with the “eat the rich” killer taking out the people who are harboring dark secrets and desires.

Rhys didn’t attend the country getaway, but it’s not impossible for him to have trailed them all there. Joe anticipated that the killer would be in tow, but given all the security, it would be impossible for someone to sneak in unless they knew their way around the getaway home, which confirms that it’s definitely someone from within. 

We still don’t have much to go off in terms of the suspect, but we do know that the three people who have died—Malcolm, Simon, and now, Gemma—have all wronged Kate in some way. Kate is the center, she’s the focal point, and it’s entirely possible that these deaths are occurring because of someone’s love for her. 

Roald is the obvious choice because of his obsession, even referring to Malcolm and Simon’s deaths as “lucky,” but no one would ever suspect Nadia. And I can’t shake the feeling that she’s involved in this somehow. Why else would she get so much screen time as an outsider? Unless she’s crucial to the second half of the season, I feel like there’s a reason they’ve introduced her and made us, and Joe, trust her. 

We know she had a relationship with Malcolm, so there’s a chance that maybe she was using him to get to Kate. Or maybe she’s Kate’s long-lost sister? The story of Kate’s family makes me think that there are siblings that we’re not considering in this scenario. 

Plus, there’s Nadia’s love letter to Malcolm that Joe fetched but didn’t read. We thought it was Joe being a decent gentleman and respecting her privacy, but what if it would have revealed her sinister thoughts?

She was the one who put Joe onto Rhys, so maybe she’s in cahoots with him this whole time?

It may be a stretch, but at this point, the game is more than halfway in and all of Joe’s “working theories” have fallen apart as quickly as he’s put them together. 

Then again, maybe the twist is that it has been Kate all along and she’s just taking out the people who have scorned her one bye one—she always said she never needed a man to save her since she’s no damsel in distress, so maybe this is her way of taking matters into her own hands. 

What do you think? What are your working theories? Are you finding yourself siding with and championing Joe this season or is that just me? Share them in our comment section below! 

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Will There Be a 5th Season of ‘YOU’?



YOU Season 4 Premiere Review Episode 1 Joe Takes a Holiday

As YOU wrapped up its fourth season run on March 9, fans couldn’t help but wonder whether a fifth season was in the works. 

The good news is that on March 24, Netflix announced that YOU Season 5 is happening.

Unfortunately, the fifth season will also mark the drama’s final season. No premiere date has been announced, but new episodes are expected to arrive in 2024.

The fourth season of the Lifetime-turned-Netflix thriller basically hit reset, throwing audiences for a loop with a murder mystery format surrounding Joe’s new life in London as Professor Jonathan Moore. 

The action really ramped up in the second half of the season as Joe’s lies and secrets began to unravel and catch up to him, threatening his “European getaway” and any shot at happiness. 

It’s actually quite amazing what the writers have been able to accomplish. They’ve managed to keep Joe’s character consistent yet provide several unique seasons that continue to keep audiences in suspense and shock with numerous well-executed twists. 

And it definitely seems that there’s much more where that came from in terms of a fifth season, which will now gear up to wrap up the storyline, provide closure (will we see Dr. Nicky and Ellie make a return?) and hopefully, serve justice where justice is due.

Spoilers below—stop reading if you’re not caught up on the most recent season of YOU!!

By the end of season 4, Joe managed to come out on top, eliminating Nadia by forcing her to take the fall for Rhys Montrose and Edward’s deaths. He thought his Marienne problem was taken care of when he carried her lifeless body to a park bench, but little did Joe know, she was actually alive. He fell for the elaborate and insane escape plan that she concocted with Nadia.

And after a failed suicide attempt, Joe managed to silence the voices outside of his head, personified by the hallucination of Rhys, embraced his darkness, and found a kindred spirit—sort of—in Kate, who he believes is the love of his life.

The two promised that they’d keep each other on the straight and narrow, though for Joe, that meant simply accepting his desires to kill as normal. And with Kate’s protections in place, he’ll be able to continue on as Joe doing what Joe does.

And thus, Joe is more powerful and dangerous than ever. It would be a shame if the streamer didn’t let writers, and audiences, explore this new side of Joe—the one that’s completely content with himself and no longer running from the darker parts. 

There are so many unanswered questions that benefit from another season. Can he really be the man Kate wants him to be? Will he be content with Kate and tame his obsessive nature? Can he cover up additional murders? Does having Kate on his side make it easier or will she eventually begin to pry and wonder? What if he can’t control his temper? Will Kate end up in a glass cage just like the rest of them eventually? 

Then there’s Marienne, who is a loose thread since she’s alive and well. I don’t think she’d actively risk her safety to take down Joe, but she does owe Nadia, who risked everything and went out of her way to help free Marienne, only to get caught in the crosshairs herself.

There’s a lot of story left to tell when it comes to Joe Goldberg’s new lease on life, and while I’m not exactly sure how much more audiences can stomach or how much more blood needs to be spilled, Netflix clearly knows it has a duty to the people to end this series the right way—with Joe hopefully meeting his match and dying an excruciatingly painful death just like all of his victims. 

That didn’t happen on YOU Season 4 as he once again got away with murder, so it just means that we’re hoping to see it on YOU Season 5. 

You can check out all of our YOU coverage in the meantime! 

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Who Is Rhys Montrose on ‘YOU’ Season 4?



You Season 4 Episode 6 Review Best of Friends

YOU Season 4 introduced a plethora of new characters as it revamped the series with a murder mystery format. 

*Warning – stop reading if you haven’t finished YOU Season 4 – Spoilers Ahead *

The shakeup made sense considering Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) uprooted his life following the fiery events in Madre Linda that killed Love Quinn and started over in London, assuming the identity of Professor Jonathan Moore. 

Rather quickly, he got pulled into an elite group thanks to his co-worker and neighbor, Malcolm Harding (Stephen Hagan), who was the season’s first victim. Joe/Jonathan naturally despised Malcolm’s group, though he did find Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers), an author running for Mayor of London, to be a bit of a kindred spirit. They came from the same broken background and shared many of the same views.  

As the first half of the season unraveled, Joe sought out advice from Rhys on a handful of occasions, engaging in plenty of long heart-to-hearts with him, so it was kind of shocking when it was revealed that Rhys, as audiences have come to know him, was never real.

Rhys Montrose existed, yes, but he was never friends with Joe, nor was he the Eat the Rich Killer. The version of Rhys that Joe bonded with was a hallucination conjured up by his subconscious to protect himself and eliminate his darker, more deranged thoughts. 

YOU Season 4 Finale Episode 10 Review The Death of Jonathan Moore

You. (L-R) Ed Speleers as Rhys, Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 410 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

For much of the season, we saw Joe desperately trying to set himself free from Rhys’ grasp. At first, he saw him as public enemy #1, who somehow figured out Joe’s real identity and roped him into a murder spree by threatening to frame him for the deaths if Joe refused to participate. 

However, once Joe realized that Rhys was a figment of his imagination, he began to look for ways to silence the evil little voice forever, while also trying to figure out a plan to cover up the death of the real Rhys Montrose. 

Joe was tasked with killing the mayoral candidate, who he assumed at the time was the Eat the Rich Killer, by Kate’s (Charlotte Ritchie) father, Tom Lockwood. When he arrived at Rhys’ secret countryside hideout and tied him up, he was infuriated that Rhys claimed not to know who he was, nor would he admit to kidnapping Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). Eventually, Joe’s rage and anger took over, and he “accidentally” killed Rhys, which is when fake Rhys showed up and revealed that Joe was having a semi-psychotic break. 

In the end, Joe’s suicide attempt ensured that his hallucinations were forever gone, though he did embrace the darkness he was trying so hard to snuff out, making him more dangerous than ever.

As for the real Rhys Montrose’s killer, he pinned it all on poor Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman), a fan of Rhys’s from the beginning, who flew too close to the sun in her attempts to bring down Joe Goldberg. If only she just listened to Marienne’s advice.

A huge congrats to the YOU team for pulling off yet another jaw-dropping twist, and to both Badgley and Speleers for completely immersing themselves in their dual characters. 

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YOU Season Finale Review – The Death of Jonathan Moore (410)



YOU Season 4 Finale Episode 10 Review The Death of Jonathan Moore

It all comes up Joe Goldberg…. yet again. But are we even surprised at this point?

How is it that men like Joe continue to find ways to get away with murder? And not only did he get away with it—he flourished. Joe is untouchable now, and that kind of power and protection in the hands of a soulless monster is more dangerous than anything we’ve ever seen before. 

Joe went through plenty of emotions during YOU Season 4 Episode 10, and honestly, part of me wishes that when he jumped into the water, convinced that the only way to break the cycle is to kill himself, he succeeded. There’s no other way to stop someone like Joe—and that became clear to everyone around him, including himself. The devil on his shoulder, personified by Rhys, kept trying to convince Joe that he wasn’t the problem, but when he found Marienne lifeless in the glass cage because of what he’d done to her, he realized that there was no reality in which he could protect the women he loved. Eventually, a woman’s body was going to end up in his trunk.

It was actually big of Joe to come to the realization considering his constant desire for self-preservation. He was ready to do the one thing that was necessary to make the world a better place… and then he got a second chance. From a writing perspective, it makes sense. If there’s no Joe, there’s no YOU. And while the series has become pretty far-fetched and wholly unbelievable, I’m watching to see how far the creative forces—and Joe—can take this thing. I’m on board till the very end. How many twists can they conjure up that will leave audiences in a state of sheer shock?

Despite Joe’s problematic actions and behaviors, audiences still found themselves continuing to root for the antihero (thanks a lot, Taylor Swift) simply to see how far Joe can actually go. 

The Love Quinn twist was undoubtedly the best one, but season 4, though not as enjoyable, did redeem itself in the second half with some unexpected bombshell reveals that made my head spin. We, and Joe, know he’s the problem,  but I never imagined that Kate would turn out to be so problematic—she’s an enabler, turning a blind eye to Joe’s crimes because of her need for love and her desire for power. 

She made a pact with Joe that they would keep each other on the right path and accountable, but I don’t think she realized she was making a literal deal with the devil. And this coming from the woman who thought her dad was bad. She flat-out said she likes broken and tortured souls, and her willing alliance with Joe proves it. 

Joe went from a suicidal murderer to a hero in the eyes of the public in a matter of minutes, and with Kate by his side, they became a power couple. While it’s absolutely cringeworthy, it presents so many opportunities for coming seasons.

For starters, how much does Kate really know? How much did Joe confide in her?

Surely, she can put two and two together and figure out that her father was murdered right before her boyfriend confessed to being a murderer, right? And when he later framed Nadia for Edward’s death, faking the DNA results found on Rhys’ body which linked back to him, did she know she was framing an innocent girl? Or is she just that naive and desperate to believe that this relationship is what she wants it to be?

What’s even viler is that Joe came out to the public claiming to be a victim when he killed so many innocent women because of his obsessive tendencies. And what’s to say he won’t do it the same to Kate eventually? Though honestly, that’s on her at this point. 

Following his failed suicide attempt, there was a turning point for Joe. He didn’t kill himself, but he killed Rhys, or rather, embraced himself fully—he’s no longer hiding and running from those dark parts, nor is he actively trying not to murder people.

Since the first season, we learned that Joe has always wanted acceptance—to love and to be loved—and he got that wholeheartedly with and from Kate. He opened up to her, divulged his deepest darkest secrets, and it brought them closer together, thus making him feel as though he wasn’t a bad person for his desire to murder. He fought so hard against them, but unfortunately, the inner battle was for nothing as, in the end, he’s just accepting and coming to terms with the fact that he is a murderer. And as mentioned before, and briefly seen in action, with Kate’s protections in place, it’s going to be a hell of a lot easier to get away with his crimes.

In what’s seemingly a full-circle moment this season, Joe shot up the ranks and became one of the elites that he so passionately despised. 

However, that’s not even the most shocking part of the episode. 

First off is the fact that Marienne is very much alive as she and Nadia somehow managed to pull one over on Joe. That’s a first… and likely a last.

Marienne was lucky in the sense that Joe cared about her deeply, so when he saw that she overdosed on pills, he was so distraught and immediately assumed the worst. His brain wouldn’t even let him consider another possible as the guilt washed over him.

While he was definitely onto Nadia in the end, I don’t think he ever pieced it together that Nadia helped Marienne devise an insane escape plane. The two of the pulled it off after realizing that if they can’t kill Joe, they have to kill Marienne. When Joe found her unconscious, she swallowed enough beta-blockers to slow her heart rate down and make it look convincing. And then once Joe moved her body to a park bench, Nadia ran up and gave her a dose of what I’m assuming was adrenaline to wake her up. 

The moral of the story is that Marienne may be one of the few women to have escaped Joe! Though, I have no idea why she didn’t move far away with her daughter once she was finally free. What if Joe decided to check in on Juliette randomly and saw Marienne, realizing that she is, somehow, alive and well? Why risk it now?

Marienne and Nadia’s bond was so strong, I’m hoping that Marienne returns the favor and attempts to help Nadia in some way now that the poor girl fell victim to Joe, who forced her to take the fall for Edward’s death and Rhys’ demise. 

The truth is, Nadia should’ve stopped while she was ahead because, as she said herself, Joe was an obsessive. It’s not entirely clear how he caught onto her—though she was super jumpy around him toward the end—though I’d guess it probably had something to do with the secret camera he placed in his apartment. Or maybe she just misplaced a few items which alerted him to an intruder. 

Either way, Nadia’s caring nature got the best of her as she’s now spending life in prison. And there’s nothing she can say to plead her case as no one is going to believe a word she says about Joe, especially after he planted evidence—damning proof—in her apartment and became an international hero. 

No matter what, Joe always finds a way to nab a clean slate. 

He lives to see another day—but who will be his next victim?

We briefly touched upon what happened to Phoebe, and it turns out Adam’s death may have been the best thing for her as she moved away to teach and lived a fulfilled life. We don’t know what happened to Roald, and I’m kind of disappointed he didn’t play a larger role in the second half of the season considering the hell he created for Joe in the first half.

Did you enjoy YOU Season 4? Did you like the revamped vibe? Are you happy that we’ll see more of Joe’s shenanigans in the future or do you think the series should just end? Do you think we will see Nadia and Marienne again in the future? And are you more or less excited about the future now that he has Kate as a sidekick? 

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