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Young and Hungry

Young and Hungry- Young & Thirty (And Getting Married) (1×10)



No wedding, mo problems.

The summer finale of Young and Hungry just proved itself as a worthy show. I’m sorry I ever doubted you Ashley Tisdale.. And while a bit predictable, I don’t even care because I’m a sucker for a good love story. Unfortunately, this one didn’t have it’s happy ending just yet.. unless your counting the fact that Caroline and Josh are no more a happy ending.

The episode starts off with Gabi packing Josh’s perfect birthday present– his favorite childhood blankie that got partially destroyed in a fire. She bought the same material and took knitting classes for three weeks to make him the perfect present. Sounds very girlfriend-y of her and that’s good! Time and time again, Gabi has proven that she would make the perfect girlfriend. This just shows how much she actually knows about her boss… Do you know about your bosses favorite blankie? I didn’t think so.


Upon arriving to work, she’s hit with the news that Caroline’s favorite wedding venue has freed up and they’ve pushed the wedding up–from six months to this week. Elliot and Yolanda are hustling to get everything ready, while Josh keeps repeating how great everything is… a sign that he’s not at all ready for marriage. Cold feet happen for a reason right?

At the birthday dinner, Josh wants to wait for Caroline to come home before they open presents. Opening presents has always been her favorite part of a birthday. When she does comes home from an exhausting day of dress shopping, she tries to cover up that she forgot “jiu-jiu’s” birthday. Instead of having Caroline disappoint Josh with no present, Gabi steps in and gives up her present, stating that Caroline asked Gabi to pack the gift for her. 

Young and Hungry - Episode 1.10 - Young & Thirty - Promotional Photo

Josh is ecstatic about receiving the blankie and admits that while he was nervous about the wedding before, he knows that a girl that would do this for him, is the girl he wants to be with forever. Uhh, awkward! It’s really sad to see how stupid and thoughtless Caroline really is and how blind Josh is. Men.

Those words stick with Gabi, who is later eating away her feelings by stuffing her face with Josh’s 30th birthday cake. Caroline comes to thank her, and they vow to keep this their little secret. Well, we’ve learned by now that secrets don’t exist in this condo. Yolanda is hiding around the corner listening and now she definitely knows that Gabi’s romp with her boss on the first day of work, wasn’t meaningless. Gabi actually has feelings for Josh!

The next day is the wedding rehearsal and Caroline is running late. Gabi steps in as her sub, which only makes the situation worse for her. Josh decides to practice his vows, which include mentioning how special the blanket is and how it defines their relationship and love for each other. Oh boy. Gabi responds by telling Josh what Caroline would say. Their really things and qualities she likes about Josh. Caroline finally makes it and takes her place, but the damage has been done. Yolanda pulls Elliot over to tell him that the scarf was actually a present from Gabi, and Gabi pulls Sofia over stating she needs to tell Josh the truth. Both Elliot and Sofia agree that keeping the blankie a secret from Josh is the best idea. 


Later on that day, Josh asks Elliot to be his best man, while referring to him as his best friend. Such an honor breaks Elliot down and he comes clean about the blankets real creator- Gabi. Josh is taken aback by this, and really heartbroken. It’s also his moment of realization. He calls Caroline over and asks her if she knows what his favorite color is, where he went to college or what his middle name is. She laughs it off– obviously she doesn’t know the answers to any of those things. Why would she? Except that Josh knows all the answers to those questions about her. It’s a one-sided relationship.. it always has been. Josh suddenly realized that Caroline is self-centered and while she may love him, she’s not the one for him. He calls off the wedding and Caroline gives him back the ring. Josh initially doesn’t want to take it back saying he bought it for her and for the first time in her life, Caroline says something smart. “No. You got it for the girl your going to marry.” Yes.. Gabi!

Yolanda comes to work later that night to check up on Josh, whose drowning his sorrows with a bottle of whiskey. He tells her that they called the wedding off, something she knew would happen. He gets this crazy idea of going over to Gabi’s house and professing his love but doesn’t know if it’s stupid. Yolanda, being the great human that she is, holds the door open for him and says, “go big or go home.”

AIMEE CARRERO, EMILY OSMENTMeanwhile, Gabi is at home eating frosting off of Josh’s cake, completely unaware that the wedding has been called of. Just maybe Josh will realize that their soulmate she wonders, but Sofia sets her straight saying that reality isn’t like the movies. Boys don’t just run through airports for you and climb up fire escapes. You can say that again. Suddenly, theres a knock on the door. And here’s the twist I didn’t see coming. It’s Cooper (Jesse McCartney)– you know the guy that worked for Josh that Gabi wasn’t supposed to date but did. Their relationship ended quickly after Cooper couldn’t take all the lying, plotting and sneaking around and left to China. I really thought we wouldn’t see him again, but apparently, he couldn’t stop thinking about Gabi. After he found an original, autographed Julia Childs cook-book, he rushed over– running through the airport (ha Sofia!)– to give Gabi the present and see her reaction. Gabi is very taken aback by the whole situation, stating that this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for her, clearly forgetting that Josh bought her a car! The two kiss right as Josh climbs up Gabi’s fire escape, in the pouring rain, holding a bouquet of roses. This is such a great nod to their conversation during dinner where Gabi mentioned she’d want a man to make this big gesture for her. You know how they say timing is everything. Well, they couldn’t be more right. Josh’s face is fully of disappointment and it’s truly heartbreaking. He looked sadder seeing Gabi kiss Cooper than he did calling off his wedding, a sure sign that he wasn’t really that into Caroline in the first place.


Cooper and Gabi spend the night together cuddling, while Josh stands on his balcony, wrapped up in Gabi’s blanket. It’s a sad ending to what could have been a perfect love story, but you know we need reason to come back for next season. I wonder how their relationship will play out. How will Gabi react to the news that Josh isn’t marrying Caroline? Will he tell her about his grand gesture? Will she break up with Cooper? Will they ever just get it right. God, I’m such a girl! 

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Young and Hungry

Young & Hungry – Young & Series Finale (5×19 and 5×20)



Young & Hungry Young & Series finale

In the midst of all the emotions, I found myself angry with how the writers chose to wrap up a series I’ve lived and love for five solid years.

Everything seemed to be going great until suddenly, they left the SERIES finale on a cliffhanger.

I had to rewind my DVR recording a few times just to make sure I didn’t go too far and skip through what would have been Josh’s proposal answer. No way the writers, who have always been so diligent with their storylines, leave us with an open-ended finale; a choose your own adventure.

Choosing your own adventure is what got Sofia and Gabi in all these situations in the first place.

If you’re like me wondering “where’s the rest,” fear not because it turns out, that was done purposefully simply because they were 100% convinced that they would be renewed for another season. Same, Emily Osment, same.

And since they obviously weren’t, they rode it out and Osment and team are now in talks for a wrap-up TV movie which would provide closure to fans and hopefully give us a look at Gabi and Josh’s wedding… granted he says “yes.”

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s rewind a little bit.

The first part of the finale felt like any other Young and Hungry episode. Sofia’s abuelita was coming into town and she was worried because grannie’s approval meant the world to her. And she also really wanted her to like her new BF Nick.

Meanwhile, Josh disclosed a huge secret to Gabi which he feared would alter the course of their relationship — he’s a magician. And he was not “Ma-Josh-in” about it.

At first, Gabi thought she’d be cool with the whole magic thing, but when Josh brought it to the bedroom, she was suddenly turned off. And by turned off I mean she had to fake her “O” for the first time ever.

So, per usual, Gabi and Sofia ran into some issues and didn’t know how to handle them. They decided to do the “adult” thing and swapped place; Sofia went to tell Josh that Gabi hates his magic while Gabi went to tell abuelita that Sofia would no longer care what she thinks.

And if you know anything about this show, it went very, very, very poorly.

Sofia saw how happy Josh was that his “perfect girlfriend” approved of his hobby and didn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise. Gabi powered through her speech but accidentally (keyword) killed abuelita in the process.

When Sofia came home to tell Gabi the bad news, she let her go tell a presumed dead abuelita just how she really felt and then proceeded to blame her for killing her grandmother.

Except the joke was on them because abuelita was faking it the whole time. She was mean because she wanted to get a rise out of Sofia so she’d finally stand up for herself and earn her right of passage into adulthood. Having a Quinceañera seems a lot easier, but who am I to say?

Seeing how brave Sofia was, Gabi heads over to Josh’s place to tell him how she really feels and accidentally walks into his magic show for charity. He pulls her into his routine as his assistant which is where she tells him she hates magic, especially in the bedroom.

I don’t know why all these girls were hating on Josh’s magic because I thought he was phenomenal. I was especially impressed with that fashion-swap magic trick. Can someone teach me that one, please?

Sprinkled throughout the episode was Yolanda, pen-palling with a murderer in jail who was released on “good behavior.” Actually, that part is unclear and he very well could have just escaped prison.

Anyway, she’s terrified that he’s going to come find her for the first half of the episode but when she sees him in all his chocolate-colored glory, she tells Elliot she’s taking her chances.

Things fall through when she accuses him of stealing valuables during the charity event and he realizes she’ll “never be able to trust him.” Go figure.

The second half brings us to the series finale portion where Josh invites all his friends onto the Dot Com Yacht, a nerdy plan on words, in case you didn’t pick up on it.

This isn’t just a random occasion either; Josh has planned to propose to Gabi later on in the evening. Knowing that she’s a sneaky, nosey human, he pays Nick to be his lawyer and stash the ring somewhere she won’t be able to find.

Of course, Nick isn’t as clued into Gabi and Sofia’s escapades and he’s spotted stashing the brown paper box, which Sofia assumes are drugs.

She clues in Gabi, who is having a crisis of her own — her favorite Iron Chef chef was so impressed by her cooking, she offered to be her mentor and gave her a job at her new restaurant in Seattle. As Gabi points out, Seattle is not in San Francisco where Josh is.

Before they deal with that dilemma, they sneak off to find the package and knowing that her relationship could blow up in her face if the brown box is filled with drugs, Sofia asks Gabi to open it.

When they see the ring, they both assume that Nick was planning on proposing to Sofia. She becomes emotional and then decides to say yes. As they hug it out, Sofia accidentally flings the bling into the ocean.

Logically, she dives in after it, and Gabi goes right after her.

We don’t get to see the rescue mission, sadly, however, Sofia reveals that she salvaged the ring and is saying “yes” to Nick,

His face when he realizes that she thinks he’s proposing is hilarious but at that point, Gabi is so moved by Sofia taking charge of her life and going after what she wants, she tells Josh she’s taking the job in Seattle.

As the romantic fireworks go off, Josh allows Sofia to think Nick proposed to her as his beautiful moment is ruined.

As defeated as Josh felt by this whole thing going sideways, I felt even worse. It’s been three years and they still can’t get anything right, can they? Why did this moment, of all moments, have to get messed up?

Josh orders the captain to turn the boat around, and when they hit San Fran, Nick comes clean about the whole mess up.

Sofia is surprisingly fine with not being engaged and that’s because she couldn’t be happier for Gabi who probably deserves it way more than she does. Hey, they’ve only been dating six weeks.

While Nick and Sofia go to have “we didn’t get engaged sex,” Gabi rushes off to the loft where she finds Josh cleaning up all the celebratory decorations.

She’s furious that he didn’t propose to her and he breaks it down for her in a way that makes every woman who has ever had a dream and wanted a man to respect it, love Josh even more.

He recalls the first day Gabi came to work for him and how she told him all about her dreams, her mom and Julia Child. When she told him about the new job, he saw her face light up the same way it did back then.

Marrying her is his dream, but he knows her is to have a culinary career.

However, Gabi doesn’t think that’s entirely fair because the first day working for him was also the day she fell for him and when their journey began.

Sure, she wants a successful career (who doesn’t?), but she also wants to a future with him.

Truthfully, this is the most honest and level-headed these two have ever been with each other and on the series.

When she realizes Josh isn’t going to re-propose to her, she decides to take matters into her own hands and gets down on one knee.

They always say to take charge of your own fate — props to Gabi for doing that.

Who said you can’t be career-oriented and make room for love? Why choose one over the other?

Especially when for a tech-guru like Josh, moving doesn’t really seem to be an issue since he can develop apps and whatever else from anywhere in the world.

And heck, Seattle is a TECH city after all. Why did he even hesitate?

The frustrating part is that we never get an answer from Josh on either front. He’s stunned, rightfully so, but he doesn’t agree or disagree.

I’m willing to be that he says yes, but Josh strikes me as a romantic so if that TV movie happens, I’m willing to bet he’ll plan another proposal for his “perfect girl.”

And while all of this is happening, Yolanda was trying to hook-up with the captain who revealed that he scattering his late wife’s ashes on the water as he was finally ready to move on. She’s also scoring the jackpot, isn’t she? How fitting would it be for Yolanda to find love at the very end?

Meanwhile, Elliot and Alan were looking to spice up their married life by adding a third partner to their relationship.

Somehow, they all ended up in bed together and man, I’m going this miss this bunch.

Thoughts on the series finale of Young & Hungry? Do you think they’ll get a goodbye movie?

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Young and Hungry

Young & Hungry – Young & Motorcycle + Young & Bullseye (5×17 and 5×18)



Young and Motorcycle

That’s it. These were the last two episodes before the series finale of Young and Hungry.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to what has been quite a rushed season.

We haven’t even really dived into Gabi and Josh’s relationship properly and we already have to say goodbye.

Thes two back-to-back episodes found Sofia and Nick growing closer together, and Gabi and Sofia drifting apart.

Sofia and Nick’s third date was supposed to be the magical one where they finally hooked up. But, as luck would have it, everything started going wrong. First, there was the explosive diarrhea courtesy of the Ethiopian food. Then, there was the allergic reaction to a bouquet of flowers which was followed by way too much allergy medication which knocked her out for a few hours.

And just when they were about to do it, they got a call that Josh was in a motorcycle accident.

Now, from the minute Gabi road that pink bike to work and Josh told her she wasn’t allowed to because it was dangerous and she’d become a “donorcyle” rider, you knew it would end in some kind of accident.

I personally thought Gabi would be the one to wipe out proving Josh right, but it was a much better lesson when he stole her bike and crashed.

After everything finally settled down, the besties and the boyfriends decided to go on a double-date to get to know each other better.

And you know what happens when two rich and successful dudes get together? They start to one-up each other. The date turned into a complete disaster with each guy trying to outbrag the other.

Pretty soon, the tension got to Sofia and Gabi and they began defending their significant others.

After Nick asked Sofia to move in with her after just five dates, Gabi exclaimed that he’d do “anything” to win the one-up game.

So, Sofia agreed to move in with him. Josh told Gabi to remain calm and call their bluff but the next day, Sofia was all packed up and ready to go.

At this point, Gabi became frustrated with Josh who has been with her for three years and still never asked her to move in.

Trying to be romantic, he made the suggestion but when Gabi met up with Sofia to share the good news, she accused her of trying to one-up her again.

Things came to a breaking point after Sofia accidentally hit Gabi in the head with a dart. Both ladies agreed that they had made hasty decisions out of spite and the guys followed suit.

The series finale teases Josh’s proposal to Gabi and based on his inability to even have her move in, I don’t know if this is the right choice.

And while three years have gone by, I can’t say that these two are in a stable relationship.

Arguably, the show is coming to an end and something needs to happen on their front, however, this is just another example of shows being forced into a finale before they’ve told their story in full.

Whatever happens, it’s been a fun ride. I’ll miss the comedic tone and on-the-mark writing the most.

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Young and Hungry

Young & Hungry – Young & Amnesia (5×10)



Young & Amnesia

After seeing Josh and Sofia kiss on the promo for Young & Hungry’s season finale, I turned into Karen from Will & Grace. Honey, what’s going on, what’s happening?

In the grand scheme of things, it made sense. The ‘will they or won’t they’ dance came to a monumental end, but not before Josh completely forgot who Gabi was thanks to a concussion caused by a squirrel in his apartment. To be honest, throughout the whole episode I kept wondering if Josh was playing a practical joke on Gabi… I wouldn’t put it past him.

Josh remembered both Yolanda and Elliot but had absolutely no recollection of Gabi ever working for him. The last thing he remembered was that she’d come by to audition to be his chef… which was about 2 years prior. And if he loved her, he’d remember her right? Josh seems to think so, which upsets Gabi even more because that means that the night she finally told him she loved him, he was going to tell her he didn’t love her.

The episode was frustrating to watch as Gabi was told not to remind Josh of his past so he doesn’t have a psychic break. Instead, she was supposed to allow him to remember “naturally” so she re-auditioned for her job by wearing the same outfit and cooking the grilled cheese he loved so much, only to have him hate it. Then he hired the other chef in the running, making Elliot very pleased. That is until he realized this new chef was “no bull” and called both him and Yolanda out for “not doing anything.”

That’s when they both realized they had to help Josh remember Gabi for their own sake. Yolanda brought him over to the apartment hoping that maybe his childhood blanket that Gabi made for him would spark his memory. Instead, Josh thought he was in love with Sofia and planted a big smooch on her as Gabi (and I) watched in horror. Seriously Josh, never do that again.

Finally, Gabi, who was suffering a psychic break of her own, decided to just tell him everything. “I believe you,” Josh told her knowing that the love story was too bizarre for anyone to make up. But still, he didn’t remember and he wasn’t sure if he ever would. That sent Gabi packing for Aspen, to attend her uncle’s wedding while crying the whole ride there. When Josh finally heard Tegan and Sara’s “Closer,” all of his memories came rushing back and he jogged all the way to the train stop where he told Gabi that he loves her too. FINALLY. And who do we have to thank for the romantic reunion? Elliot! Despite his “evil” facade, Elliot is a complete sweetheart who

When Josh finally heard Tegan and Sara’s “Closer,” all of his memories came rushing back and he jogged all the way to the train stop where he told Gabi that he loves her too. FINALLY. And who do we have to thank for the romantic reunion? Elliot! Despite his “evil” facade, Elliot is a complete sweetheart who insults Gabi out of love.

Til next season – here’s hoping they don’t break up again!

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