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Younger The Gift of Maggie Younger The Gift of Maggie


Younger – The Gift of Maggie (4×05)

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If that’s the last time we’ll ever have to see Montana, or Amy, or whatever her real name is, I can live a happy life.

Maggie owned the episode this week on Younger proving that she’s not someone you want to mess with. Unless you’re down for a woman with a switchblade with meat stabbed onto the end, then mess with her all you want.

Montana, the sweet coffee shop girl turned Maggie’s assistant turned Josh’s temporary squeeze tried it this week. It all started when she informed me of her upcoming art show, which seemed promising considering we know she’s an aspiring artist with impressive dick-shaped foam art to prove it.

Unfortunately, that’s where her artist talents stopped…. or to be punny, fell short. Like a Drake song, Montana went from 0 to 100, sweet to overbearing really quickly. The first sign was when she invited Josh to help out in her studio. It wouldn’t have been an odd thing at all had her studio not been attached to her parents’ house and the only reason she invited him in the first place was to introduce him to the rents… after one date. The gods were basically screaming for Josh to “run” at that point but since he was quite far from New York, he stuck it out and found out that Montana’s art consisted of appropriation.

If you think that sounds bad, that’s because it is. This girl basically steals artwork from other artists, tapes on the shape of the state of Montana and sells it as her own. According to her mother, it’s innovative. Josh is clearly thrown off by this outward example of stealing and confronts her about it but Montana doesn’t see the wrong in it either explaining that this is just what “millenials” do. At this point, I’m fairly certain Josh’s appreciation for dating 40-year-old women skyrocketed.

Josh goes with his gut feeling and tells Maggie about Montana’s show, even though she specifically asked him not to. Mere moments pass before Liza gets a text from her crazed roomie that “shit’s about to go down.” When Montana spots Josh’s ex and her previous “mentor” she waltzes over and snobbishly informs her that the artwork is now hers to sell because she “added onto it,” prompting Maggie to take out her switchblade, slash the painting and exclaim, “now it’s mine.” I’ve never seen Liza prouder of Maggie, the gift that keeps on giving… and giving some more.

Liza and Josh have been avoiding each other the whole season so it about time they finally had a real face-to-face. Time heals all wounds and he was finally ready to talk things through. “Why did you have to kiss him,” he asked her with that puppy-dog hurt face that melts every girl in America, I’m sure of it. Liza’s answer was brutally honest – she had to blow it up to give him a fighting chance at a normal relationship. A chance at having kids, deciding if he wants kids, living his young adult years.

The realness of the break up began setting in even more when she told him that she’s love to be in his life still and maybe someday be the fun “Aunt Liza.” Openly saying that you want a dude to move on and have kids with someone else is the equivalent of saying “it’s never going to happen again. She basically cemented in the reality that these two were over for good and not because she doesn’t love him but because she knows that one day, he’d wake up miserable and with regrets. It’s noble of her to put his needs first. Josh’s facial expression revealed that he too picked up on that message and while it was hard for him, he promised that he would always be in her life in some capacity, even if it wasn’t romantically. Exes can be friends.

This basically gives Liza the go-ahead to pursue Charles and based on her actions at work and behavior towards him, I’d say it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. I mean we all saw him look at her butt as she walked away from him right?

I’m also going to call it right now – Liza is going to take her story of lying about her age and falling for a much younger man and having loads of hot sex and she’s going to turn it into one of those “happily ever after” love romances. Think about it, she’s a good writer, she’s authentic because she owns the story and she’ll be able to stay anonymous… for awhile at least.

Kelsey’s relationship with Zane is also heating up. I wasn’t convinced that I could take Marcel out of the actor but he’s convinced me that this tailored-suit wearing character was meant for him. With The Originals coming to an end, I hope they find a way to give Kelsey her happily ever after by keeping him around as eye candy numero dos, next to Josh. Considering Kels’ luck with men, it seems rather unlikely, especially since he’s been playing it cool after finding out that she poached his author. He’s either planning to retaliate or he played her into falling for him and still going after Lachlan because they were going to release him anyway. Either way, it spells trouble.

Do you think Liza and Charles should just hook up already? Should Liza tell everyone the truth? What’s next in Josh’s story now that he’s made up with his ex and gotten her blessing to go date and be young?

Other Thoughts

  • Every girl in New York City carries a toothbrush and underwear with her. Noted. Also, kind of a good idea.
  • Josh considers Maggie to be his friend. I love that. He’s a good human. He even chose her and Liza over Montana because let’s face it, no matter how good the sex is, you just can’t stay with crazy.
  • Diana wants to MEET Maggie, which is good for Maggie and possibly bad for Liza.

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Younger Review – The Baroness (7×08)



Younger Review The Baroness Season 7 Episode 8

Is Younger trying to redeem Quinn Tyler? Make us feel sorry for her? Or worst of all… root for her and Charles?

Alright, let’s be honest, none of those things will ever happen, but the episode did manage to humanize “the Baroness” by introducing a more reasonable side to the billionaire author. 

For starters, she went out of her way to help out Caitlyn by attending her school event and by helping her secure a summer internship.

Instead of using the moment to get back at Liza, Quinn didn’t let her rift and animosity with Charles’s ex get in the way of helping an aspiring young mind. In short, her beef was never with Caitlyn, so why punish her?

Since this is the final season, I’d love to see less of the storylines revolving around Quinn and more of them focused on the core characters, but I did enjoy seeing Caitlyn geek out over and bond with Quinn.

Liza’s face as the two “Treblemakers” were harmonizing said it all.

Why is everyone so obsessed with Quinn?  

You also have to give props to Liza for putting aside her personal distaste for Quinn to make Caitlyn happy. 

As I said, I’d much rather focus on getting some closure for the main characters. 

Aside from a measly hook-up, Josh hasn’t had anything going on this season at all. The only time he’s included in a scene is when the whole group gets together! Give the man something to do that doesn’t include pining over Liza! 

I am, however, glad they brought in Caitlyn and David. With Liza’s glamorous publishing life, it’s almost easy to forget that she has a whole family, but this was a nice little reminder. 

It also served as a reminder that David was always her biggest mistake.

Seeing how cringeworthy he was at dinner — from the bleeding gums to googling Quinn and attempting to fist bump Charles for scoring a billionaire to his weak pitch to Quinn about his company — it’s not surprising that Liza is so hesitant to get married again.

Everyone was equally disturbed by his behavior. 

Liza was surprised by Quinn’s kindness, especially since at her publishing event not too long ago she set up a trap to stick it to Liza.

This is the moment where Quinn’s demeanor changed drastically, and she explained her behavior as playing rough against someone who was digging up dirt to jeopardize her relationship. 

In that sense, I can understand where she’s coming from. 

Any woman would try to protect her relationship at all costs, right?

Audiences will always side with Liza because that’s our day one and we know that in her heart, she was just trying to protect Charles, but Quinn was also trying to protect herself and her man. 

The Sound of Music analogy was also perfect as it acknowledged that Quinn’s success and assertiveness will always make her harder to root for in comparison to Liza who is “sweetness and light,” but that doesn’t mean she loves Charles any less.

Quinn has done some questionable things, but maybe she’s not all rotten.

With this new outlook on Quinn and Charles’s relationship, it seems like there might not be a breakup in their future at all. 

It’s entirely possible the show will end with Charles and Quinn staying together and, as many of us expected, Liza choosing herself. 

It’s not the way many of us want it to end, but in a way, it’s what the series has always been about — a middle-aged woman starting over and finding success and comfort in her independence. 

Liza has proven time and time again that while men seem to throw themselves at her, she’s never needed a man! 

Would it be so shocking if she ended the series by loving herself snd this new life she’s built instead?

Maggie has been canceled… and that’s extremely upsetting considering she’s one of the most open and understanding characters.

For someone to destroy her character with the click of a button is frustrating, and yet, a sign of the times and how powerful the Internet is. 

If I were in Maggie’s shoes, I’d sue Cass for defamation. It shouldn’t be that hard to track down who sent all the tweets. 

It’s one thing to lose a job you never cared much about anyway, but the rumors are now going after Maggie’s career and livelihood. She’s worked her whole life to establish herself as an artist and it’s gone in a flash because of something some miserable woman wrote. 

Of course, Cass had every reason to be angry, but her anger should have been directed at Camila instead. She’s delusional if she thinks Camila is being taken advantage of. Then again, this is the same woman who believed her wife’s story about sexual blocks. 

I’m glad Maggie cleared that up for her. 

Kelsey learned about the reality of reality TV the hard way after her character was thrown into question due to some terrible editing that made her look like a desperate and thirsty millennial.

I believe the phrase she used was “desperate bulge hunter.” Classic Younger

Aside from that being the funniest thing ever, the look was not good for her brand, especially because she and Liza are trying to branch out and make waves in the p own and make waves in the publishing world. 

Thankfully, Rob, Clare’s ex, was able to get her out of the contract, but it wasn’t without a price as he asked her out on a date.

Kelsey did the right thing by turning him down. While she may not be close with Clare, she’s roomies and besties with Josh, so it’s close enough that there’s a clear conflict of interest. 

That doesn’t mean she has to give up on Rob completely, however.

If she’s really interested in getting to know him, she should have a chat with Clare first. Who knows, maybe she’d be fine with it!

And it does seem like Kelsey is interested.

Is anyone else still holding out hope for Zane to return and sweep Kelsey off her feet?

Liza’s little Inkubtor got some press love in Vulture Magazine, but I wonder if this is yet another conflict of interest with Empirical. 

Technically, Liza and Kelsey did this on their own and pitched an author that is not signed by Empirical. Either the company won’t be supportive of their little venture or the side hustle will get so much love that Empirical will want to take ownership and capitalize on it. Which way do you think it’s going to go?

If I were Liza and Kelsey, I’d reach out to Quinn’s VC and grab some funding for their own start-up that will aim to redefine the oftentimes antiquated publishing world. At least that way, Liza wouldn’t have to see Charles and Quinn schmoozing everywhere. 

The episode offered up some closure with Caitlyn and David, but it’s still not what I wanted to see from the final season and the last remaining few episodes. 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Younger Review – Raise the Flag (7×07)



Younger Review The Son Also Rises Season 7 Episode 7

Charles had a paternity scare on Younger Season 7 Episode 7. 

After former Empirical writer, Ian Clark, passed away, Charles was forced to confront Judith, Clark’s widow and the older woman he had an affair with years ago when he was a deckhand in the Hamptons.

Younger fans will remember that this steamy summer affair was the inspiration for Charles’ unpublished novel “The Miseducation of Henry Cane.”

During Ian’s wake, Judith pushes Charles to meet with her son, Topher, about republishing Ian’s books. 

But though Charles is overcome with guilt from beyond the grave, both he and Liza agree that the novels aren’t worth republishing. 

The hard part is breaking the news to Topher, who is just looking for a payout following his father’s death. 

The dinner meeting leads to Charles’s realization that Topher was born the summer after his affair. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together that there’s a possibility Topher is Charles’s son. 

However, Charles shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions before verifying it with Judith. That’s unnecessary stress. 

Once he did confront her, he found out that Topher was not his child. 

Someone should’ve called Maury for this. 

It’s fun to address Charles’s wild past, especially since we see him buttoned up all the time now. It’s hard to imagine that he’d be the kind of guy to get down with an older married woman!

But I found it a little unnecessary to take up prime screentime with this storyline if Charles wasn’t going to be the father.

Storylines like this could’ve worked in previous seasons, but we’re down to our final few episodes of the series, and fans want resolutions and closure to the storylines that actually matter!

Charles realizes that the summer wasn’t as memorable for Judith as it was for him, so Liza suggests channeling all those feelings and emotions into finishing his manuscript. 

That’s honestly the only good thing to come from this little brush-in with Judith as it does bring Charles’s publishing plot full circle. 

And with Liza working on the piece as an editor, it would likely bring them back together again!

This was the first episode of the season that didn’t include Quinn and just look at how well Charles and Liza got along again. 

They were finally given the space to be friends again, and they immediately fell into old habits. 

There may have been a little awkwardness between them, but it’s evident that there’s genuine love and respect between the two of them. 

This dynamic made so much more sense than the nonsense we saw Charles pull in the previous episode when he ordered Liza to stay out of his personal life.

Honestly, as a longtime fan, it’s frustrating to see Charles’s act so wildly out of character. You think they would’ve figured him out by now. 

Will he realize that having Liza in his life makes him happier? We truly haven’t seen him be that at ease or smile that much while he’s with Quinn. 

One could say that’s simply the effect Liza’s personality has on people. She’s so easygoing — just look at her relationship with Josh. 

He was barely in the episode, but the brief few seconds that he was, they didn’t let their breakup get in between them. 

There was a brief Zoom cameo from Diana, and wow, we miss our Queen! But I’m glad she’s having a blast in Italy and using up all those 220 vacation days! 

She deserves it. 

Kelsey’s about to go from publishing executive to reality TV star thanks to Lauren. 

It’s an exciting new adventure for Kelsey, and seriously, what does she have to lose?

She needs an apartment… and we know those things aren’t cheap in New York. 

Younger Review – Shoot the Messenger (7×06)

And maybe this way, she could use her platform to help start her own publishing company with Liza since that storyline is still on the radar. 

There may also be a new love interest for Kelsey, and I’d typically be upset by that so late in the game, however, if there is a Kelsey-centric spinoff, I’m not upset. Though, I was still holding out hope for Zane! 

As for Maggie, those nude photos from Camille are going to bite her in the butt. 

The moment I saw her projecting her artwork on the screen, it was obvious some dirty texts were going to pop up while the Dean was observing her class. 

Maggie tried to lie her way out of it by saying that the photos were for a sculpture, but Cass isn’t stupid, especially if she knows her wife can’t “finish.”

She doesn’t seem to be too understanding either as she immediately went in for the kill and tarnished Maggie’s name. 

Revenge is an ugly color, girl. 

Also, why is Camille not being held accountable? 

Maggie didn’t ask for this! Camille has been thirstily sending Maggie these texts despite all of her best efforts to shut them down!

We need to start holding the people accountable that are sending the sexts as much as we hold accountable the people that receive them. It’s a two-way street. 

Other New York Musings

  • I’m adding “sexiled” to my vocabulary!
  • Does Charles really not know what BRB means? I know he’s older, but come on! He has kids… 
  • What writer did the Property Brothers cross that led to Lauren’s savage diss saying they look like the love child of Ben Affleck and Borat?

It was a fine episode all on its own, but again, with this being the final season and there being only three episodes left until the finale, I’d love for the series to start tying up loose ends and giving us a conclusion that was worthy of seven seasons of build-up! 

We’re waiting!

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Younger Review – Shoot the Messenger (7×06)



Younger Review The F Word Season 7 Episode 6

Should this episode be titled “Quinn continues to be the worst?” Why yes, yes it should. 

But I feel like I’ve given Quinn way too much of my time in these reviews lately, so I’m going to focus on the prospects of Liza and Kelsey leaving Empirical and starting their own modern publishing company!

That’s exactly the kind of energy I need from the final season of Younger. 

The season kicked off with a fresh and fun attitude, but it quickly veered into “stuffy” territory with Liza and Charles’ breakup and Empirical’s identity crisis.

The idea of gunning for books that are bound to be best-sellers and blockbusters while ignoring the up-and-coming and promising authors is the formula for Empirical’s demise.

Throughout the show’s six-season run, the company has reinvented itself with the addition of Millennial, but now that it’s reverting back to the dinosaur ages and focusing on “mid lit”, which is not exactly what Liza, Kelsey, or even Lauren embody. 

What was the point of having that hip party if Empirical is just going to pander to the “AOL crowd.”

More so, it’s becoming evident that the ladies no longer need Empirical. 

They made Millennial a huge success on their own — it was their talent, their passion, and their knowledge that made it what it is, so there’s no doubt that they’d be able to forge their own path with their own company. 

It’s a tall order to get something like this off the ground since they’ll have to get financing and investors  (finding talent is the easy part), but they can have the eye and a great marketing guru (Lauren) to publish books and authors that align with their brand and tell the story they want to tell. 

It’s not only a tall order for them but also for the series since there are only a few episodes left to wrap up a brand new storyline.

If Kelsey and Liza commit to starting their own company, audiences will have to be content in knowing that they are doing this for themselves as we likely won’t see their successes and struggles pan out on screen. 

However, this is exactly what Younger has always been about: finding yourself, your passion, and your voice. 

The love triangles attracted audiences, but as I’ve said, the show has always been about Liza and Kelsey tapping into their fullest potential. 

Starting their own company and emphasizing that they are determined, career-oriented women brings it all back full circle.

And let’s be real, there’s absolutely no better time for Liza to leave Empirical either as things with Charles are getting quite ugly. 

The information she received from Quinn’s former assistant came too easily, and of course, there was a catch — Quinn set her up so that she’d look bad in front of Charles. 

It really wasn’t worth it for her to get involved, but can you blame her?

Liza tried to stay out of it as much as she could, but she can’t help that she cares so deeply about Charles and his girls that she felt it was imperative to warn them. 

I hate that Quinn is making Liza out to be some kind of scorned, jealous ex when in reality, her intentions continue to be pure.

But she also needs to take note of Charles’s attitude and how he’s acting.

For someone who was so in love with Liza and ready to get married, he quickly veered towards a different direction, jumped into a brand new relationship without even processing the breakup, and forgot who has been by his side throughout. 

Also, why did he immediately think Liza was trying to be malicious by warning him about what her sources said?

He knows her and her heart, so he should’ve at least taken a step back to consider what she was saying instead of telling her to “stay out of his personal life.”

It’s not like Liza to meddle or try to sabotage someone’s relationship even if it does hurt her to see him happy with another woman. 

Is he that desperate for a family unit that he’s just willing to give into Quinn’s whims and manipulations so easily?

They always say when someone shows you their true colors, believe them. 

If Charles can so easily be turned against the woman he once loved with his whole life then maybe Liza was right to say no to his haste proposal. Maybe he isn’t in it for the right reasons! 

Based on how Charles is acting recently, I’m totally on board with the idea of Liza leaving Empirical and forgetting all about him.

However, that seems like kind of a waste considering we spent six seasons going back and forth between Team Josh and Team Charles.

So, I’d be willing to give Charles another chance if and only if he and Liza have a mature conversation that addresses the issues that led to their swift breakup following the proposal. 

Liza is anti-getting married again because of her previous marriage, but she needs to acknowledge that Charles is a completely different man (and not a serial cheater like her former husband). Getting married this time around isn’t automatically going to make her a housewife either as she’s older and they won’t be raising young kids. She’s also not being asked to give up her independence, freedom, career, or sense of individuality and adventure. 

She can have all of those things while being with Charles even if he does tend to play it on the safer side. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean they have to rush into marriage either, and Charles needs to acknowledge that because of his failed relationship with Pauline, he has a fear of abandonment, which is why he was pushing so strongly to solidify his union with Liza. 

They aren’t necessarily on different pages as I assumed previously because they both want to be committed to each other, but they’re also not confronting the real issues at hand. 

When Liza rejected Charles’ proposal, he dipped out of the relationship because it was easier; he was protecting himself before he could get left behind again. 

And I guess, in a way, that explains why it was so easy for Quinn to weasel her way in. She’s saying and doing all the right things because she needs this idea of a “perfect family” for her future campaign. 

Liza may not have been right about Quinn announcing her run at her book event, but she’s right about Quinn using Charles to get what she wants. 

I think deep down, Charles knows that and simply doesn’t want to admit it.

In a long-winded way, I’m basically saying that Liza and Charles should give each other another chance.

But first, he needs to kick Quinn all the way to the curb. Because man, I’ll be mad if after all this back-and-forth, the series ends with Charles marrying Quinn!  

As for Team Josh, I think that ship has sailed.  There’s nothing romantic between them anymore; the love they have is familial and friendly

Josh will always be part of Liza’s family, and in turn, she’ll always be part of his. 

And that’s fine. 

Sometimes, that kind of love is more powerful and important than anything else. 

And it’s comforting that he can still be part of Liza’s journey of self-discovery in new ways like Inkubator, the underground book club. Also, how clever is that name?!

Throughout the seasons, all Josh has ever wanted was a family and a partner. He has his found family with Liza, Kelsey, Lauren, Maggie, Claire and Gemma, but now, he needs the love interest. 

I hope he finds one that loves children as much as he does. And sorry, KT wasn’t it. 

I love that so far into the series, the characters continue to make brave choices that align with their needs; they’re brave enough to walk away from relationships that don’t serve them even if it hurts.

Josh prioritized his daughter while KT knew she didn’t have space in her life for children. They were honest with each other and ended things without any hard feelings.

Though, it was pretty hilarious that she thought the diaper and other baby items were left on his bed for a night of kinky sex. 

Maggie and Lauren are honestly the best duo on the series. Whenever they team up, the shenanigans are next-level. 

On Younger Season 7 Episode 6, Lauren joined Maggie at a dinner at the dean’s house simply to make her wife Camila jealous.

It’s definitely awkward to attend a dinner knowing you hooked up with the woman’s wife, but it’s even more awkward when she ogles you all evening and sends nudes photos from the bathroom while you’re at the dinner table!

What is with this girl? And does her wife know? Maybe they’re both in on it?

Whatever is going on here, I just hope it doesn’t jeopardize Maggie’s teaching position because it seems like an art residency is her true calling! 

We have a few episodes left so hopefully, the series will begin tying up loose ends and focusing on the relationships, friendships, and passion projects that will allow us to send the series off without any regrets. 

What did you think of the episode? Where do you stand on the relationships?

And where do you hope Liza and Kelsey’s journey takes them? 

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