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Younger The Good Shepherd Younger The Good Shepherd


Younger – The Good Shepherd (2×09)

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Liza fell for a shepherd on this weeks Younger and it ended baaa-dly for her. Sorry, I had to.

Seriously, this was hands down the weirdest episode to date. Liza was baking and dealing with the aftermath of her breakup with Josh when the show kicked off. As you recall, last week, Josh was a superstar in the local magazine which didn’t mention anything about his girlfriend. When Kelsey called him out on it, Liza refused to correct her making him realize that keeping her age a secret was more important than their relationship. He def had every right to break up with her.

Kels and Lauren decided to put Liza on Tinder, but obviously one of her matches was Josh, who she swiped left on. So that meant, Liza had to get out of the house and do something middle aged for a hot minute – like go to the flea market and buy a blanket from some rugged, hipster looking dude who said he lived out in a farm and raised sheep.

For some reason, the simplicity of that all really appealed to Liza and she liked him even more after reading some of his pamphlets. Yes, she decided he would be worth signing off of a pamphlet. When was the last time you read a pamphlet? Exactly! Anyways, she creepily travels out of town and finds his barn, where she persuades him to sign with Empirical. And what do you know, turns out Sebastian (that’s his name) already wrote a book in his spare time herding sheep. So Liza drags him back to the big city where she introduces him to Diana and Kelsey who agree, he’s worth signing.

At dinner that night, she awkwardly runs into Josh who is on a date with Greta, the girl responsible for his magazine article. I don’t know what’s weirder the fact that Josh and Liza are still “friends” or that they’re both seriously actually dating after this. Was any of it real?

Caught up in all the hoopla, Liza forgets to make Sebastian sign the papers so the next day, she’s back at the barn. This time, she even locks lips with the lumbersexual hunk so then she forgets to make him sign the papers again. When she comes back to the farm she can’t seem to find Sebastian and then BAM – she finds him screwing the sheep. I mean literally, WHAT? Who even thought of writing this into the show and WHY?! For the love of god why? Sebastian claims he was grooming the sheep but I swear, I was more horrified than Liza was. Ah!

So just like that Empirical lost a potential author, Liza a new potential mate and Sebastian, well, his dignity.

As for Kelsey, she was basking in her engagement to Thad and even though Liza was skeptical of it, she wasn’t going to take away from the magic. But she was curious why no one was liking her ring picture? Everyone always likes a ring picture. Then she noticed it’s because Thad didn’t accept her status change so no one really knew who she was engaged to. Thad, who I still think is a scumbag, said he was holding off so that he could tell people, namely his parents. I think he just wanted to squeeze in a few more romps before sealing the deal. But in the end, Kelsey convinced him and they were both on the same page. Maybe there’s hope for them after all?

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Younger Season 6 Report Card: Best & Worst Moments!



Liza takes on New York City after modeling for Infinitely 21 on 'Younger.'

Younger had some great moments and some less than great moments on Younger Season 6.

On a broad level, the storylines weren’t as fleshed out as they should have been, plenty of story arcs got condensed for the sake of time, the characters weren’t as empowered, and the love triangle got pushed so heavily, both Team Josh and Team Charles teams were over it by the finale episode.

But the magic that made Younger the fresh, inspiring, and addictive show is still there hidden under all of that.

We’re looking back at the best, worst and funniest moments of Season 6.

Most Frustrating Thing About the Season

The love triangle.

We all dug the Charles vs. Josh conundrum in the show’s early days, but we can all agree that Liza’s indecisiveness is tiring.

The best thing that can happen come Season 7 is for Liza to make a choice and stick to it.


Funniest Moment

There’s never a shortage of funny moments on Younger.

Ironically, two of the funniest moments involved vaginas: Maggie sticking garlic up hers to get rid of a yeast infection delivered plenty of laughs on Younger Season 6 Episode 4 as did Lauren getting her private parts stuck to an ice sculpture on Younger Season 6 Episode 12.

But my personal favorite was Liza’s micro-dosing experience.

On Younger Season 6 Episode 6, Liza hallucinated Charles and Josh morphing into one person — it would make things easier for her — and then ballroom danced with both men when in reality, she was dancing with a plant


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Younger – Forever (6×12)



Younger Season 6 Season finale review

Usually, proposals call for a celebration. Usually.

On Younger Season 6 Episode 12, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Charles’ proposal couldn’t have come at a worse time, and it drastically underlined how differently he and Liza viewed their relationship.

His speech before the proposal was heartfelt and genuine; Charles has fallen madly in love with Liza and only has eyes for her.

But Liza’s eyes and heart have been wandering for several episodes now. She’s not as fully committed to this relationship as Charles is, and that’s a damn shame.

Viewers have been frustrated with the back and forth that’s been happening all season long.

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There was hope that by the season finale, Liza would make up her mind and move on from this nonsense.

Pick Charles, pick Josh, pick no one, but be an adult and make a decision, Liza.

Kelsey said it best: they’re no longer looking back.

Even Charles’ proposal is pushing for her to make a decision and commit to it.

If Younger Season 6 was about Liza owning up to her lie and accepting her truth, then Younger Season 7 needs to be about Liza deciding to be the grown woman that she is.

Unless Liza is into polygamy, there’s no way she can have them both.

There has to be a sacrifice for any of this to be worth it.

Liza’s indecisiveness becomes even more frustrating when you consider that everything has been leading up until this very moment.

Liza and Charles had chemistry from day one, and despite her other relationships and obstacles, they kept being drawn to each other.

The set-up was perfect: their song was playing (though the magic wasn’t there anymore), they were in the moment at a wedding, and there was talk of their future and blending their families.

Yet, Liza keeps holding onto a memory of what once was for reasons unknown.

On Younger Season 5, she was ready to leave Josh alone and embrace her relationship with Charles.
How did we stray so far from that realization? Why did we lose sight of all the magic Liza and Charles had?

They all deserve better, but after that speech, oh, that speech, Charles deserves so much more.

Charles is a gentleman who is thinking of the bigger picture, and Liza is acting worse than a teenager.

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Younger – Holding Out for a Shero (6×11)



Younger Holding Out for a Shero Review

“You wrote a letter to the wrong guy.”

That statement at the end of Younger Season 6 Episode 11 oozed so much truth.

And it’s also incredibly sad. My heart sank when Josh said those words as it revealed just how much he still loves Liza.

Liza’s love triangle keeps getting messier, and though she tried to make a choice and wrote Josh a “Dear John” letter hoping to cut ties with him and focus on her new squeeze, Charles, she opened up a can of emotions instead.

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As a fan who has been pushing towards a resolution to this drawn-out triangle, I applaud Liza’s efforts for wanting to give her new relationship a shot but clearly, there are feelings that keep pulling her back to her ex-boyfriend despite being “content” with Charles.

Because at this point, that’s just what it is.

Team Charles fans have waited so long for Liza and Charles to get together, and the moment they did, their chemistry died off and things became mundane.

Since she’s gotten with Charles, Josh has always been lurking there subconsciously.

She wasn’t even able to justify her reasons for Charles being the one; there’s nothing sweep-me-off-my-feet romantic about dating someone because they’re your peers and age-appropriate.

And she can’t deny that being with Charles reminds her of being married and suffocated, which is the first thing that came to mind after her confrontation with Josh.

After everything she’s been through to get to this point, Liza doesn’t need to go back to how things used to be.

The tension has been building up between Liza and Josh for a while, but this was the confrontation Josh fans needed.

He needed to call her out on her bullshit.

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