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Younger a Night at the Opera Younger a Night at the Opera


Younger – A Night at The Opera (3×04)



Is it just me or is Liza starting to hate being a “millenial.”

This week, Bryce returned to Empirical to put his two cents in about the direction of the publishing house. In his 20-something year old eyes, books are dead, Beyonce’s the only one still keeping poetry alive and Youtube sensation’s are about to become the next best sellers.

Introducing the “Stoopid Girls” aka the most annoying thing I’ve seen on television in a million years. If I was told to watch them, I’d probably hate being a millenial too. Liza and Kelsey decided to give these Youtube stars a chance and headed to a convention to see if they’d be interested in a book deal. Liza’s overall feel as she walked from stand to stand, “what the eff is happening to our youth.”

Thankfully, the ray of light came when Younger proved, not EVERY millenial is that dumb. Sadly, in the world we live in, dumb sells and many of us are just trying to pay off our student debt. And those with the money, like Bryce, well, they buy whatever makes the money and in this case, that’s the “Stooped Girls.”

One of the girls, Tay, was intrigued by Liza’s proposition, only because she was actually an aspiring writer. She sent over the first chapter of her book and both Kels and Liza loved it. Not loving it however? Bryce. He didn’t want one of the viral Youtuber’s to write a “good book,” he wanted them to do something stupid.

When Liza confronted him about it, he dropped the bomb – her job was safe but he was preparing to cut 45% of Empirical’s employees, mainly the old people. As a millenial, that’s my problem with millenials. Sure, you might be hip and in the know, but older people are wiser and have more experience. There needs to be an even mix in order for anything to succeed, especially a publishing house. Bringing Bryce on board was a move to help save print, not destroy it. After this, I don’t think he’s going to last much longer.

All of this brought Liza to a point of wondering “what am I doing.” She hasn’t fully committed to Josh because she’s still kind of crushing on Charles. The two bump into each other at the opera and that sexual tension is fuming up the room. In fact, it’s starting to bother me that Liza is now kind of stringing Josh along and using him as her boy toy, withholding on sex because of her “period” when really it’s because she’s probably thinking of her boss. It definitely isn’t fair to either of them but more-so Josh, who has been nothing but accepting and is really smitten with her.

While I’m on Team Josh always, I have a feeling Liza’s end-game will be Charles. It’s clear that she’s sick of being a millenial, hates pretending to be something she’s not and just wants a more conventional relationship with an emotional connection. I guess who can really blame her?

The award of the week however goes to Diana who literally unwound from her bitchy self after getting her pipes clogged by the hot plumber. Really, there’s nothing more to it and I enjoyed watching her let loose and get her freak on. The cherry on top was seeing Liza and Kelsey literally “shocked” by her good mood. Oh the wonderful things a romp will do for you!

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Younger – It’s All About the Money, Honey (6×10)



Another day, another PR nightmare for Millennial.

Kelsey, Liza, and Charles visited my hometown of Chicago on Younger Season 6 Episode 10, but things weren’t exactly a breeze in the Windy City.

The trip was high-stress from the beginning as Kelsey and Charles attempted to sway their last remaining investor in to keep the company afloat.

They’re broke now, remember?

Charles took charge in the male-dominated meeting, but Kelsey flexed her publisher muscle by explaining that Millennial’s main asset is their ability to keep up with the times. Sometimes, a little too much.

There was a mention of transparency, which was worrisome considering Millennial’s lack of transparency when it came to Liza’s lie.

However, it wasn’t something the investors, all older men, would have been made privy too.

As they pointed out in the meeting, they didn’t understand the power of social media or how it could make them money, so chances are they didn’t Google to read up on Millennial’s recent hiccups.

But they got a very detailed lesson on social media courtesy of Kelsey.

After securing the funding, Kelsey and Charles’ celebrations were short-lived as they were plagued by another social media snafu, this time not one of Liza’s making.

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Younger – Millennial’s Next Top Model (6×09)



This season just keeps getting better and better.

Millennial, with Kelsey in tow, dealt with the aftermath of “42-gate” on Younger Season 6 Episode 9.

The publishing world was rocked by Pauline’s scandalous revelation that Liza, formerly known as 1 of 2 awesome millennial editors, was, in fact, a 42-year-old woman.

Out in the Open - Younger

The company was sinking, clients were dropping, authors were fleeting, but they didn’t have to be.

This negative reaction could have been prevented with better preparation from Team Millennial.

Since they knew the truth, they were the ones holding all the cards and should have had a contingency plan in case someone exposed Liza.

And there were plenty of people who could have potentially pulled the trigger.

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Instead, they were trying to catch up with the headlines, which made it harder to change the narrative already painted about the company and its employees.

Zane was the only one with an outside perspective; he wasn’t close to Liza, he didn’t have any connection to her, nor did he owe her anything.

But his advice to fire Liza also overlooked the negative impact it would have had on the company.

Liza lied because a woman in her forties wasn’t granted the same opportunities in the workforce as a thriving woman in her 20s.

Youthfullness  - Younger Season 6 Episode 9

If they fired her, they’d only be feeding into the age discrimination that Liza was trying to combat with her illegal move in the first place.

They’d essentially be proving her point.

Zane was right in saying that Liza lied and made everyone, namely Kelsey and Charles, complicit, but he failed to acknowledge that they all knew about her lie and helped her cover it up.

They lied on her behalf, so in a way, they’re just as responsible for Millennial’s potential downfall as Liza.

Harboring a secret is equal to assisting someone in harboring said secret.

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Younger – The Debu-taunt (6×08)



What a big, emotionally-loaded episode.

The cast of Younger wasn’t lying when they said Younger Season 6 Episode 8 was the episode we’ve all been waiting for.

If you’re not crying happy tears after Liza’s and Diana’s “I love you” exchange, you have no soul.

Catching Up - Younger

We’ve all been so focused on Younger’s love-triangle, but the magic has always been in the relationships between the female characters.

Liza’s secret unraveled at a rapid pace and by the end, we were all in a different space mentally, physically and emotionally.

For the most part, everyone was in a better, more honest place, even if Millennial is stuck going through an identity crisis.

Diana was one of the last remaining Empirical/Millennial employees who was kept in the dark about Liza’s real age, and we all wondered when and how she’d find out the truth.

I knew that when it happened that it was going to be intense, but I had no idea it would be such an emotionally raw moment.

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Diana rarely wears her heart on her sleeve, but when Pauline pubically tore down Liza, she put her foot down against the alleged slander and came to her assistant’s defense.

One might say it’s wildly out of character for Diana to be so bold since we’ve never seen her defend someone so passionately, but it really wasn’t.

Diana loves her co-workers under her icy exterior and she’d do anything for them.

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