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Younger – In the Pink (4×04)

Younger/ TVLand



It’s been one of the best and darkest seasons of Younger thus far but one thing’s for sure, men are just candy. nd one thing has been made perfectly clear, men are just candy.

That’s really been the show’s motto this whole time and it’s one heck of a life motto, not to mention a good book title provided by one of Empirical’s most trusted writers, Belinda. The series echoes her sentiments of romance novels being written off by men who think they’re solely about lust and sex. Sure, on the surface that’s all it is and there’s nothing wrong with it. But as Liza pointed out, just like in romance novels, it’s about women being heroes and sometimes banding together for a much-needed girls night.

Echoing that, the episode featured lots of man candy, sex, lust, and a girls night to take a break from the sad reality that comes with being a broke millenial living in New York City with a broken heart.

You may have noticed Josh was nowhere to be seen this week – I’m going through withdrawals as we speak – but we did get two new handsome men to oogle at: Diego, Liza’s post-breakup pipe cleaner and Zane Anders, an extremely well dress editor from a competing imprint who sets his eyes on wooing Kelsey. Seriously, I don’t think there was ever a 30-minute series starring this many good looking men with tailored suits.

The girls’ attempt at a carefree hookup turns into more trouble, which Belinda warned them about before her passing. Liza’s pink ladies came to a “nursing home bar” after the pepto-bismol inspired funeral to encourage her to pick up a man her own age but she was understandable, reserved about dating and putting herself out there again. Knowing Josh is hooking up and moving on with someone at home – someone much younger who is also working for Maggie – helped her get over that really quickly and she finally gave into the lust, only to find out Diego was married.  any favors and she finally gives in, sleeping with Diego in his loft only to find out that he’s actually married.

Men I tell you. Diego tries to explain that being single in NY is the equivalent of Liza lying about her age at work but we all know it isn’t. A lie is a lie, sure, but with Liza, at least she did it for her daughter, which Kelsey finally seemed to understand. The fun was short-lived since Liza knows what it’s like to be the woman getting cheated on by a man that supposedly loves you. And while it was nice to her move on for a change she’s really just hiding from the truth which involves talking things out with Josh and seeing what that kiss with Charles actually meant.

Liza’s make-do with Kelsey was one of the few good things that happened to her during this week’s episode (I’m SO GLAD they finally put this pettiness aside), the second being her promotion to associate editor. But as all jobs nowadays, her new title came with a catch – Empirical couldn’t afford to give her a raise and hire a new assistant for Diana so she was basically required to work 2 jobs. Hey, at least they paid her more for it, unlike my current job. Yes, I’m throwing shade.

Millenial’s success is being recognized not only by Empirical but by competing publishers and other authors, including Lachlann Flynn who took Kelsey up on her offer to discuss his future. Leave it to her to try to poach an author during a funeral!  When she arrives at the meeting, she’s surprised to see “it” boy Zane who scolds her about trying to steal his authors. As payback, he invites her to a party and it lands her a second date plus a sweet and pricey jacket from his wardrobe. He has an allowance, can you believe it?But when she arrives at the meeting, she’s surprised to see the ever-so-handsome Zane. He scolds her about trying to steal his authors and as payback, invites her to a party with him that night, which allows her to tease him about his wardrobe allowance (jealous) and even lands her a second date. Look, I love me some Marcel in New Orleans but watching him walk the streets of NYC in those fitted suit pants.

As much as I want to believe that his intentions are in the right place, I have a feeling he’s using her to boost his credibility or to blindside her so she feels guilty about stealing his author. Either way, we know Kelsey has terrible taste in men and she definitely has to be wary of the sly, smooth talkers.

Other Thoughts

  • Montanna feels so guilty about sleeping with Josh, she quits as Maggie’s assistant. No, we haven’t seen the last of her though. Through that mop of bouncy curls, it’s obvious she’s up to no good.
  • Lauen was caught “grading” Max and the amount of “repulsed” smiley faces left her single and crying in Maggie’s lap. While I feel for the girl, she said it herself – she was bored! Next!
  • The best part of the episode? Charles’ expression when Liza talks about having lots of sex.

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Why Isn’t ‘Younger’ Season 7 Returning This Summer?



Younger Sex Liza & Rock and Roll

For six seasons, Younger has been my favorite summer series. Liza’s love life feels like an endless summer romance, so while the series, which premiered in March of 2015, didn’t start off as a summer staple, it’s transformed into one with the past three seasons all premiering in June. 

The lighthearted half-hour sitcom finds Liza Miller, a 40-year-old woman struggling to to re-enter the world of publishing after hiatus. When she keeps getting shown the door, she devises a plan to pretend that she’s 26, and her lie takes her on quite an adventure.

The series is fun and flirty, giving you the kind of vibe you want during the summer months. 

And as the weather heats up, so do Liza’s relationships as she’s caught between composed and accomplished, Charles, and free-spirited, Josh.

However, there’s no sign of season 7 of Younger anywhere, and that’s because, it isn’t coming this summer.

The ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Revival Only Succeeds If It’s a Mature, Authentic Reflection of Adult Life

Despite being renewed for a seventh season on July 2019, the series hasn’t even begun production on the upcoming season.

If production hadn’t been derailed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent shutdowns, the series would have likely finished filming in time for a July premiere.

Debi Mazar (Maggie) told ET  that the series was set to have their first table read on the season on March 24 with production kicking off on March 30, which is around the time all TV show and film productions shut down. 

While it’s unclear when production may resume, Mazar said they are eyeing August or September, which would push the series back to a 2021 premiere likely in January.

All of this means that we’re going to be waiting a lot longer than intended to get an answer to that season 6 cliffhanger — will Liza Miller accept Charles’ proposal or will she’ll decide that her heart still pines for Josh?

View this post on Instagram

Season 7 HERE WE COME! #YoungerTV

A post shared by Younger (@youngertv) on

And can the series ever move on from the love triangle? Do we even want it to?

While Younger season 7 would have been a great escape for all of us who have been cooped up at home and hoping to get lost in Liza and Kelsey’s world’s again, we’re just going to have to exercise some patience. 

The summer won’t be the same without the series, but don’t lose all hope. As you look for your upcoming summer shows to watch, you can check out our list here! 

And be sure to add The Bold Type to your list as it returns for the latter half of season 4 on June 11. 

Sun’s Out: 9 TV Shows That Make It Feel Like Summer Vacation Including ‘Grand Hotel’ and ‘Summerland’

Plus, on the bright side, there have been rumblings that a Younger spinoff focused on Kelsey (played by Hilary Duff) is in early development! 

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Sexy and Steamy TV Shows to Watch During ‘The Bachelor’ Hiatus



Shows to Watch During The Bachelor Hiatus

With The Bachelor taking a hiatus (well, until their spinoff Listen to Your Heart premieres in April), you need to fill that reality TV dating void in your heart with some shows that are equally as hot and steamy.

While there are plenty of choices to make from the Bachelor franchise, if you’re looking to shake things up the same way Peter Weber did on his season, we suggest these shows!



Young scientist Lisa is strapped for cash and needs it to fund a life-changing project when Anne Montgomery (Oscar-winner Renée Zelwegger) approaches her with an offer she can’t refuse: one night alone with her husband. The only condition: she cannot ask what happened.

Grand Hotel

The telenovela lasted only one season before ABC canceled it, but it was a sizzlin’ drama focused on a forbidden love story and a who-dun-it murder mystery. Two of our favorite things.


Liza, a 40-year-old single-mom struggles to re-enter the working world. But when she meets a 26-year-old guy who believes she’s his age, it all becomes so clear as she fakes her age, gets a publishing job, and gets a second shot at her crazy 20s… that is until people start figuring out her secret that she’s trying desperately to protect.


The Bold Type

Fashion meets sex on The Bold Type. Three besties — Kat, Sutton, and Jane — are living their best lives in New York City and working for a fashion magazine, Scarlett. As they “push the envelope” in their career, they’re also doing it in their daily life as they find themselves, have plenty of sexual experiences, and learn how to be comfortable in their own bodies while feeling as lost as most millennials do.

Good Girls

Sisters Beth and Annie and best friend Ruby get fed up with playing by the rules and constantly losing, so they get a crazy idea to rob a grocery store. One illegal decision suddenly lands them in hot water and starts a dangerous life of crime and even a crime of passion with one sexy “gang friend.”

The Affair

The series explores the emotional and psychological effects of two affairs. Newlyweds Alison and Cole are experiencing problems in their marriage and she finds solace in the arms of Noah, a teacher vacationing at his in-laws’ Hamptons estate with his family. What starts off as a summer affair quickly becomes much more complicated.

True Blood

Described as the “adult Twilight” and the more intense version of  The Vampire Diaries when it first came out, Sookie Stackhouse, an oddball at school who can read minds, falls for a 173-year-old vampire named Bill Compton. Bill and his vamp clique have joined the land of the living after a new synthetic blood allows vampires to survive without human blood. Sex, lust, and bloodlust all fuel this HBO series.


A private school in Spain becomes the scene of a murder brought on by a clash between the rich and the poor. The murder mystery begins as no one knows who’s responsible, and there’s a lot of sexual tension between the good looking students that leads the storyline.

Reality TV Shows

Love Island

In the same vein as many other dating reality shows, Love Island brings together a cast of hot singles ready for love and romance that’s fueled on by warm weather on the island and a grand prize of £50,00o.


Married at First Sight

The title of the series is pretty self-explanatory, but in the case that it needs to be explained, a group of strangers looking for love get married to a complete stranger the first time they lay eyes on him/her. They’re paired up with the help of a spiritualist, a relationship coach, and a sociologist who use “scientific matchmaking methods.” The remainder of the season documents their honeymoon and life after marriage. Following several weeks, the couple gets the option of staying together or splitting up. 


Are You The One?

The tagline of this series is my favorite: if your perfect match was standing in front of you, would you know? A group of singles tries to find their soulmate using a dating algorithm that processes a ton of information including a compatibility test. It then pairs the couples it thinks have the highest chance of success, but it’s kept from the participants who instead mingle for weeks and try to find their ideal significant other. If they choose the wrong person, they start over, if they don’t, well, love and money are involved.

Love is Blind

The Netflix series is a new kind of dating experiment that finds strangers meeting via cubes and falling in love without ever seeing each other. The whole idea is to remove looks from the equation and find your soulmate based on connection alone. If finding someone you vibe with is successful in the pods, the couples get engaged, have a honeymoon in Mexico, and walk down the aisle a few weeks later. Who will say yes? And who will walk away?

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Younger Season 6 Report Card: Best & Worst Moments!



Liza takes on New York City after modeling for Infinitely 21 on 'Younger.'

Younger had some great moments and some less than great moments on Younger Season 6.

On a broad level, the storylines weren’t as fleshed out as they should have been, plenty of story arcs got condensed for the sake of time, the characters weren’t as empowered, and the love triangle got pushed so heavily, both Team Josh and Team Charles teams were over it by the finale episode.

But the magic that made Younger the fresh, inspiring, and addictive show is still there hidden under all of that.

We’re looking back at the best, worst and funniest moments of Season 6.

Most Frustrating Thing About the Season

The love triangle.

We all dug the Charles vs. Josh conundrum in the show’s early days, but we can all agree that Liza’s indecisiveness is tiring.

The best thing that can happen come Season 7 is for Liza to make a choice and stick to it.


Funniest Moment

There’s never a shortage of funny moments on Younger.

Ironically, two of the funniest moments involved vaginas: Maggie sticking garlic up hers to get rid of a yeast infection delivered plenty of laughs on Younger Season 6 Episode 4 as did Lauren getting her private parts stuck to an ice sculpture on Younger Season 6 Episode 12.

But my personal favorite was Liza’s micro-dosing experience.

On Younger Season 6 Episode 6, Liza hallucinated Charles and Josh morphing into one person — it would make things easier for her — and then ballroom danced with both men when in reality, she was dancing with a plant


Read the full post at TV Fanatic!

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