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Younger Review It's the End of the World Season 7 Episode Younger Review It's the End of the World Season 7 Episode


Younger Review – Bend a Little (7×02)

Younger Review It's the End of the World Season 7 Episode



Like many of us, Liza was holding out hope that things between her and Charles weren’t really over. 

Props to the writers who wrote the line about Liza being an “editor who knows endings and this doesn’t feel like an ending” because it was perfect. Unfortunately, Liza didn’t want to see this ending for what it was; she wanted to see it as a page-turner. 

In my review of the Younger Season 7 premiere, I mention that Charles and Liza could’ve found a compromise had they really wanted it, but this episode made me side with Charles just a bit more. 

When Liza asked him to bend for her, he laid out all the ways he has in the past including giving up his company for her. He fought for her and went through hell and back to be with her. 

And all he’s seeing is her inability to commit to him. 

Liza doesn’t want to admit that they want different things, otherwise, she’d leap at the chance to be with him and have him become part of her family. 

I also love how Charles is handling everything about the break-up. He still loves and respects Liza, so he doesn’t want there to be any bad blood between them. It’s a very mature approach, and he deserves credit where credit is due. 

Liza asked him to hang around and see if she’ll maybe change her mind about marriage one day, but that’s the problem – Liza has always struggled with figuring out what she wants and sticking to it.

For over six seasons, she’s been torn between two men in her life and was never able to fully commit to either of them.

Aside from the relationship drama, “It’s the End of the World” brought back some of that signature Younger humor with Fupa, a climate change activist who seemed loosely inspired by Greta Thunberg.

After her breakup with Zane, Kelsey decided to throw herself into her work, which included being the only publishing house to sign Fupa. 

First, however, they had to prove to Fupa that they were the real deal. Who would have thought we’d ever see Liza stick her hand in a compost full of worms. The worst part is that when Fupa “lost her bracelet,” she was really just messing with her. Seriously, that’s some serious dedication to get a best-seller! 

And when the deal almost fell through because of Zane’s previously published author, she went to bat to prevent Fupa from walking away. 

If there’s one thing Liza has proven over the years is that’s she good at her job and connecting with authors. Empirical needs her, there’s no doubt about that. 

The episode was filled with hilarious moments. It took me a while to figure out “C Lit” since, at first, I thought they said “see lit,” but wow, I had to pause the episode to laugh at that one. 

Also, Lauren assuming Liza accepted the proposal and staging an obnoxious congratulations party during a meeting was everything.

We’ve all attended awkward meetings, but that one takes the cake! 

There’s a quick lesson in not getting ahead of yourself. 

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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Younger Review – Raise the Flag (7×07)



Younger Review The Son Also Rises Season 7 Episode 7

Charles had a paternity scare on Younger Season 7 Episode 7. 

After former Empirical writer, Ian Clark, passed away, Charles was forced to confront Judith, Clark’s widow and the older woman he had an affair with years ago when he was a deckhand in the Hamptons.

Younger fans will remember that this steamy summer affair was the inspiration for Charles’ unpublished novel “The Miseducation of Henry Cane.”

During Ian’s wake, Judith pushes Charles to meet with her son, Topher, about republishing Ian’s books. 

But though Charles is overcome with guilt from beyond the grave, both he and Liza agree that the novels aren’t worth republishing. 

The hard part is breaking the news to Topher, who is just looking for a payout following his father’s death. 

The dinner meeting leads to Charles’s realization that Topher was born the summer after his affair. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together that there’s a possibility Topher is Charles’s son. 

However, Charles shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions before verifying it with Judith. That’s unnecessary stress. 

Once he did confront her, he found out that Topher was not his child. 

Someone should’ve called Maury for this. 

It’s fun to address Charles’s wild past, especially since we see him buttoned up all the time now. It’s hard to imagine that he’d be the kind of guy to get down with an older married woman!

But I found it a little unnecessary to take up prime screentime with this storyline if Charles wasn’t going to be the father.

Storylines like this could’ve worked in previous seasons, but we’re down to our final few episodes of the series, and fans want resolutions and closure to the storylines that actually matter!

Charles realizes that the summer wasn’t as memorable for Judith as it was for him, so Liza suggests channeling all those feelings and emotions into finishing his manuscript. 

That’s honestly the only good thing to come from this little brush-in with Judith as it does bring Charles’s publishing plot full circle. 

And with Liza working on the piece as an editor, it would likely bring them back together again!

This was the first episode of the season that didn’t include Quinn and just look at how well Charles and Liza got along again. 

They were finally given the space to be friends again, and they immediately fell into old habits. 

There may have been a little awkwardness between them, but it’s evident that there’s genuine love and respect between the two of them. 

This dynamic made so much more sense than the nonsense we saw Charles pull in the previous episode when he ordered Liza to stay out of his personal life.

Honestly, as a longtime fan, it’s frustrating to see Charles’s act so wildly out of character. You think they would’ve figured him out by now. 

Will he realize that having Liza in his life makes him happier? We truly haven’t seen him be that at ease or smile that much while he’s with Quinn. 

One could say that’s simply the effect Liza’s personality has on people. She’s so easygoing — just look at her relationship with Josh. 

He was barely in the episode, but the brief few seconds that he was, they didn’t let their breakup get in between them. 

There was a brief Zoom cameo from Diana, and wow, we miss our Queen! But I’m glad she’s having a blast in Italy and using up all those 220 vacation days! 

She deserves it. 

Kelsey’s about to go from publishing executive to reality TV star thanks to Lauren. 

It’s an exciting new adventure for Kelsey, and seriously, what does she have to lose?

She needs an apartment… and we know those things aren’t cheap in New York. 

Younger Review – Shoot the Messenger (7×06)

And maybe this way, she could use her platform to help start her own publishing company with Liza since that storyline is still on the radar. 

There may also be a new love interest for Kelsey, and I’d typically be upset by that so late in the game, however, if there is a Kelsey-centric spinoff, I’m not upset. Though, I was still holding out hope for Zane! 

As for Maggie, those nude photos from Camille are going to bite her in the butt. 

The moment I saw her projecting her artwork on the screen, it was obvious some dirty texts were going to pop up while the Dean was observing her class. 

Maggie tried to lie her way out of it by saying that the photos were for a sculpture, but Cass isn’t stupid, especially if she knows her wife can’t “finish.”

She doesn’t seem to be too understanding either as she immediately went in for the kill and tarnished Maggie’s name. 

Revenge is an ugly color, girl. 

Also, why is Camille not being held accountable? 

Maggie didn’t ask for this! Camille has been thirstily sending Maggie these texts despite all of her best efforts to shut them down!

We need to start holding the people accountable that are sending the sexts as much as we hold accountable the people that receive them. It’s a two-way street. 

Other New York Musings

  • I’m adding “sexiled” to my vocabulary!
  • Does Charles really not know what BRB means? I know he’s older, but come on! He has kids… 
  • What writer did the Property Brothers cross that led to Lauren’s savage diss saying they look like the love child of Ben Affleck and Borat?

It was a fine episode all on its own, but again, with this being the final season and there being only three episodes left until the finale, I’d love for the series to start tying up loose ends and giving us a conclusion that was worthy of seven seasons of build-up! 

We’re waiting!

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Younger Review – Shoot the Messenger (7×06)



Younger Review The F Word Season 7 Episode 6

Should this episode be titled “Quinn continues to be the worst?” Why yes, yes it should. 

But I feel like I’ve given Quinn way too much of my time in these reviews lately, so I’m going to focus on the prospects of Liza and Kelsey leaving Empirical and starting their own modern publishing company!

That’s exactly the kind of energy I need from the final season of Younger. 

The season kicked off with a fresh and fun attitude, but it quickly veered into “stuffy” territory with Liza and Charles’ breakup and Empirical’s identity crisis.

The idea of gunning for books that are bound to be best-sellers and blockbusters while ignoring the up-and-coming and promising authors is the formula for Empirical’s demise.

Throughout the show’s six-season run, the company has reinvented itself with the addition of Millennial, but now that it’s reverting back to the dinosaur ages and focusing on “mid lit”, which is not exactly what Liza, Kelsey, or even Lauren embody. 

What was the point of having that hip party if Empirical is just going to pander to the “AOL crowd.”

More so, it’s becoming evident that the ladies no longer need Empirical. 

They made Millennial a huge success on their own — it was their talent, their passion, and their knowledge that made it what it is, so there’s no doubt that they’d be able to forge their own path with their own company. 

It’s a tall order to get something like this off the ground since they’ll have to get financing and investors  (finding talent is the easy part), but they can have the eye and a great marketing guru (Lauren) to publish books and authors that align with their brand and tell the story they want to tell. 

It’s not only a tall order for them but also for the series since there are only a few episodes left to wrap up a brand new storyline.

If Kelsey and Liza commit to starting their own company, audiences will have to be content in knowing that they are doing this for themselves as we likely won’t see their successes and struggles pan out on screen. 

However, this is exactly what Younger has always been about: finding yourself, your passion, and your voice. 

The love triangles attracted audiences, but as I’ve said, the show has always been about Liza and Kelsey tapping into their fullest potential. 

Starting their own company and emphasizing that they are determined, career-oriented women brings it all back full circle.

And let’s be real, there’s absolutely no better time for Liza to leave Empirical either as things with Charles are getting quite ugly. 

The information she received from Quinn’s former assistant came too easily, and of course, there was a catch — Quinn set her up so that she’d look bad in front of Charles. 

It really wasn’t worth it for her to get involved, but can you blame her?

Liza tried to stay out of it as much as she could, but she can’t help that she cares so deeply about Charles and his girls that she felt it was imperative to warn them. 

I hate that Quinn is making Liza out to be some kind of scorned, jealous ex when in reality, her intentions continue to be pure.

But she also needs to take note of Charles’s attitude and how he’s acting.

For someone who was so in love with Liza and ready to get married, he quickly veered towards a different direction, jumped into a brand new relationship without even processing the breakup, and forgot who has been by his side throughout. 

Also, why did he immediately think Liza was trying to be malicious by warning him about what her sources said?

He knows her and her heart, so he should’ve at least taken a step back to consider what she was saying instead of telling her to “stay out of his personal life.”

It’s not like Liza to meddle or try to sabotage someone’s relationship even if it does hurt her to see him happy with another woman. 

Is he that desperate for a family unit that he’s just willing to give into Quinn’s whims and manipulations so easily?

They always say when someone shows you their true colors, believe them. 

If Charles can so easily be turned against the woman he once loved with his whole life then maybe Liza was right to say no to his haste proposal. Maybe he isn’t in it for the right reasons! 

Based on how Charles is acting recently, I’m totally on board with the idea of Liza leaving Empirical and forgetting all about him.

However, that seems like kind of a waste considering we spent six seasons going back and forth between Team Josh and Team Charles.

So, I’d be willing to give Charles another chance if and only if he and Liza have a mature conversation that addresses the issues that led to their swift breakup following the proposal. 

Liza is anti-getting married again because of her previous marriage, but she needs to acknowledge that Charles is a completely different man (and not a serial cheater like her former husband). Getting married this time around isn’t automatically going to make her a housewife either as she’s older and they won’t be raising young kids. She’s also not being asked to give up her independence, freedom, career, or sense of individuality and adventure. 

She can have all of those things while being with Charles even if he does tend to play it on the safer side. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean they have to rush into marriage either, and Charles needs to acknowledge that because of his failed relationship with Pauline, he has a fear of abandonment, which is why he was pushing so strongly to solidify his union with Liza. 

They aren’t necessarily on different pages as I assumed previously because they both want to be committed to each other, but they’re also not confronting the real issues at hand. 

When Liza rejected Charles’ proposal, he dipped out of the relationship because it was easier; he was protecting himself before he could get left behind again. 

And I guess, in a way, that explains why it was so easy for Quinn to weasel her way in. She’s saying and doing all the right things because she needs this idea of a “perfect family” for her future campaign. 

Liza may not have been right about Quinn announcing her run at her book event, but she’s right about Quinn using Charles to get what she wants. 

I think deep down, Charles knows that and simply doesn’t want to admit it.

In a long-winded way, I’m basically saying that Liza and Charles should give each other another chance.

But first, he needs to kick Quinn all the way to the curb. Because man, I’ll be mad if after all this back-and-forth, the series ends with Charles marrying Quinn!  

As for Team Josh, I think that ship has sailed.  There’s nothing romantic between them anymore; the love they have is familial and friendly

Josh will always be part of Liza’s family, and in turn, she’ll always be part of his. 

And that’s fine. 

Sometimes, that kind of love is more powerful and important than anything else. 

And it’s comforting that he can still be part of Liza’s journey of self-discovery in new ways like Inkubator, the underground book club. Also, how clever is that name?!

Throughout the seasons, all Josh has ever wanted was a family and a partner. He has his found family with Liza, Kelsey, Lauren, Maggie, Claire and Gemma, but now, he needs the love interest. 

I hope he finds one that loves children as much as he does. And sorry, KT wasn’t it. 

I love that so far into the series, the characters continue to make brave choices that align with their needs; they’re brave enough to walk away from relationships that don’t serve them even if it hurts.

Josh prioritized his daughter while KT knew she didn’t have space in her life for children. They were honest with each other and ended things without any hard feelings.

Though, it was pretty hilarious that she thought the diaper and other baby items were left on his bed for a night of kinky sex. 

Maggie and Lauren are honestly the best duo on the series. Whenever they team up, the shenanigans are next-level. 

On Younger Season 7 Episode 6, Lauren joined Maggie at a dinner at the dean’s house simply to make her wife Camila jealous.

It’s definitely awkward to attend a dinner knowing you hooked up with the woman’s wife, but it’s even more awkward when she ogles you all evening and sends nudes photos from the bathroom while you’re at the dinner table!

What is with this girl? And does her wife know? Maybe they’re both in on it?

Whatever is going on here, I just hope it doesn’t jeopardize Maggie’s teaching position because it seems like an art residency is her true calling! 

We have a few episodes left so hopefully, the series will begin tying up loose ends and focusing on the relationships, friendships, and passion projects that will allow us to send the series off without any regrets. 

What did you think of the episode? Where do you stand on the relationships?

And where do you hope Liza and Kelsey’s journey takes them? 

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Younger Review – Don’t Trust Quinn (7×05)



Younger Review The Last Unicorn Season 7 Episode 5

Did Liza just discover the truth about Quinn?

After some thorough fact-checking for her upcoming book “The F Word,” Liza learned that Quinn’s motivations for dating Charles are purely selfish. 

Once again, Quinn continues to be the absolute worst. 

Watching Quinn flaunt her relationship with Charles around Empirical is beyond annoying. If the connection between her and Charles was genuine, I could stomach it, but it seems like she’s quite literally using Charles for her own benefit so that she could “get across the finish line” with her book and in her upcoming political run.

There’s never been anything remotely good about Quinn, so it’s frustrating that Charles continues to be so blinded by his feelings for her. 

I always thought Charles was smarter than that! 

And because he’s so easily manipulated by Quinn’s smile, I think less of him now. 

Liza had every right to doubt Quinn — why is she the only one reminding everyone that this woman almost bankrupted the company?

The stories in her book may not be fabricated, but there has always been something off about Quinn so good on Liza for following her gut feeling. 

Sadly, if she brings up anything that she found out from Quinn’s consultant, she’s going to look like the scorned ex who can’t move on or accept Charles’ new relationship. 

Liza has to play this right if she wants to expose Quinn for who she truly is.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this is the final season, so I hope this gets resolved sooner rather than later so that Liza can find some shred of happiness before the curtain closes. 

It seemed as though she would maybe find a partner in her old friend Vince, but all he wanted was to be “dinner buddies.”

When Liza explained that she didn’t want to just sleep around for the rest of her life, Vince seemed confused.

But really, it doesn’t have to be. Liza wants to be in a committed relationship, but she doesn’t simply want to give up her identity to become someone’s wife.

It’s completely valid and honestly, not a difficult concept to grasp. Just look at Oprah — she’s been with her man for over 30 years and they never got married. 

Marriage isn’t the end all be all. 

When Liza finally voiced what she wants aloud, she realized Charles destroyed their whole relationship over semantics, which is frustrating. 

Everything they built was thrown away within a matter of seconds because he didn’t get what he wanted. 

And while he made a good point that they both deserve to be happy with their decisions, as I’ve said before, a compromise would’ve been best if they truly wanted to be with each other. 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Both of them gave up too easily on their relationship, and now, it’s even more complicated because Charles decided to jump into something else with the one person that everyone at Empirical despises. 

Maggie has found herself in a bit of a situation. She was offered a great teaching job, and right after she accepted it, she found out that she slept with the dean’s wife, Camila. 

Whoops. That’s a messy love triangle that no one asked for! 

Claire’s relationship with Rob was short-lived, and though none of us care about who Claire dates, it did lead to a fun boozy break-up brunch with Lauren and Kelsey. 

Lauren continues to be the highlight of the season; she doesn’t even have to try, it just comes naturally to her. 

What did you think of the episode?

Sound off in the comments below!

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