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Younger – Tattoo You / The Mao Function (2×01 & 2×02)



Younger finally returned after what felt like forever and we dived right back in into Liza’s twisted lie of a life.

Her daughter Caitlin came back from India and Liza contemplated whether or not she should tell her about her double-life. She opted against it, but when Caitlin got a tattoo from a really hot guy in Brooklyn, Liza had enough. It was bad enough that he stood her up at the bar the night before, but now he tattooed her daughters side boob? Unacceptable. In Josh’s defense, he didn’t know that it was Liza’s daughter – duh, he never met her and literally just found out about her. And he definitely didn’t stand her up… he was busy inking her daughter. Yes, that sounds bad. The two make up in the best way they know how and Liza’s daughter just happens to spot them from the outside. She later confronts her mom about the whole thing and calls it “gross,” which I can’t agree with. Liza and Josh are adorable!

But has he really accepted that she’s 40 years old? Yes and no. He didn’t break up with her so that’s a plus, but he’s also making fun of her for it, especially when he gets hammered and gets whiskey dick. Whoops. I’m not sure if Josh acted this sketchy in the first season, but he’s definitely not on the same intellectual level as Liza. When she takes him to a party, he bails and doesn’t even wait for her to take a call. He’s not capable of texting back or using punctuations. It honestly seems like she’s always crawling to him, but he’s never reaching out. Is that how it should be?

Part of me loves Josh and Liza, but the other part really thinks she belongs with Charles. Then again, if she were to date him, she’d just go back into that suburban wife life, which she’s been trying to ignore. Basically, it’s a lose-lose, but she has to find the balance soon.

Meanwhile, things at Empirical are pretty wild. Kelsey just got offered a new job at a different publisher and when Charles finds out she’s contemplating it, he offers her her own imprint. Kelsey will now be running a team devoted to millenial novels and she invites Liza to hop on board. That prevents Liza from coming clean to her BFF about her age. How could she work the job if Kelsey finds out she’s 40? And her one goal with getting a job was to get Caitlin through school, regardless of whether or not her daughter moved to live with her dad and work at his office.

Other Memorable Moments

  • Maggie and Lauren are totally hooking up and Lauren thinks it is perfectly ok to walk around naked. Even better, Maggie thinks Lauren has no idea what’s going on at all times. I def support these two though – Maggie has hustled to help Liza enjoy her 23-year-old life, she deserves something out of it.
  • Is there a person better than Diana Trout trying to impress Charles? She’s literally ready to throw herself at him during the dinner. (Warning: watch out for the peppercorn shrimp… it can chip a tooth).
  • Will Charles pursue that dentist or will we never see her again?
  • Charles is totally crushing on Liza, but is her perfect night reading a book with her lover? I guess it beats getting beer spilled on you by mean college girls.
  • Josh’s roommate in Liza’s robe – gross. Why do college guys have weird roommates?
  • Why is Kelsey still with Thad? He’s such a douche.

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Younger – Millennial’s Next Top Model (6×09)



This season just keeps getting better and better.

Millennial, with Kelsey in tow, dealt with the aftermath of “42-gate” on Younger Season 6 Episode 9.

The publishing world was rocked by Pauline’s scandalous revelation that Liza, formerly known as 1 of 2 awesome millennial editors, was, in fact, a 42-year-old woman.

Out in the Open - Younger

The company was sinking, clients were dropping, authors were fleeting, but they didn’t have to be.

This negative reaction could have been prevented with better preparation from Team Millennial.

Since they knew the truth, they were the ones holding all the cards and should have had a contingency plan in case someone exposed Liza.

And there were plenty of people who could have potentially pulled the trigger.

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Instead, they were trying to catch up with the headlines, which made it harder to change the narrative already painted about the company and its employees.

Zane was the only one with an outside perspective; he wasn’t close to Liza, he didn’t have any connection to her, nor did he owe her anything.

But his advice to fire Liza also overlooked the negative impact it would have had on the company.

Liza lied because a woman in her forties wasn’t granted the same opportunities in the workforce as a thriving woman in her 20s.

Youthfullness  - Younger Season 6 Episode 9

If they fired her, they’d only be feeding into the age discrimination that Liza was trying to combat with her illegal move in the first place.

They’d essentially be proving her point.

Zane was right in saying that Liza lied and made everyone, namely Kelsey and Charles, complicit, but he failed to acknowledge that they all knew about her lie and helped her cover it up.

They lied on her behalf, so in a way, they’re just as responsible for Millennial’s potential downfall as Liza.

Harboring a secret is equal to assisting someone in harboring said secret.

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Younger – The Debu-taunt (6×08)



What a big, emotionally-loaded episode.

The cast of Younger wasn’t lying when they said Younger Season 6 Episode 8 was the episode we’ve all been waiting for.

If you’re not crying happy tears after Liza’s and Diana’s “I love you” exchange, you have no soul.

Catching Up - Younger

We’ve all been so focused on Younger’s love-triangle, but the magic has always been in the relationships between the female characters.

Liza’s secret unraveled at a rapid pace and by the end, we were all in a different space mentally, physically and emotionally.

For the most part, everyone was in a better, more honest place, even if Millennial is stuck going through an identity crisis.

Diana was one of the last remaining Empirical/Millennial employees who was kept in the dark about Liza’s real age, and we all wondered when and how she’d find out the truth.

I knew that when it happened that it was going to be intense, but I had no idea it would be such an emotionally raw moment.

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Diana rarely wears her heart on her sleeve, but when Pauline pubically tore down Liza, she put her foot down against the alleged slander and came to her assistant’s defense.

One might say it’s wildly out of character for Diana to be so bold since we’ve never seen her defend someone so passionately, but it really wasn’t.

Diana loves her co-workers under her icy exterior and she’d do anything for them.

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Younger – Merger, She Wrote (6×06)



Younger Merger, She Wrote Review

Someone pass the tissues because Younger Season 6 Episode 6 had me in tears from both laughing and crying.

What a work out in 23 minutes!

The mix of a comedic and heartfelt made this the best episode to date.

My expectations were high after seeing Peter Hermann and Nico Tortella tease the episode as the one “we’ve always wanted to happen.”

And the moment I heard the words retreat, I knew it was going to go down.

All of the craziest things have happened at retreats and that was when microdosing (taking small amounts of drugs) wasn’t involved.

Add drugs and the fact that Liza’s there with her ex and a current boyfriend who she’s feuding with, well, what could go wrong?

I don’t condone the use of drugs, but man, it was so hilarious to see her hallucinating.

There was no shortage of funny moments: Josh and Charles merged into one person, Charles spoke using Josh’s voice, and Liza danced with a plant.

That last one is going down as one of the show’s most iconic moments.

While I’m not a fan of continuing the love triangle, if we have to endure it, this was the most interesting way to go about it.

With the added layer of not-LCD, my interest was piqued.

What would come of their heightened reality, open mind, and unlocked unconsciousness?

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Apparently, the only realization that Liza had was that she’s still torn between Josh and Charles. Go figure.

Now, I’m in no way complaining about Liza’s dance routine because they got to incorporate Sutton Foster’s real-life talents into it in a way that felt authentic and fun to the story, but I wish her altered state allowed her to finally settle for one.

Flipping between Josh and Charles in bed was great, but at some point, the show has to reign in on one and let the other one go.

At this point, I don’t even care which guy she ends up with, I just can’t keep bouncing back-and-forth.

Especially because it does seem like Josh has finally accepted Liza’s new relationship and even bonded with Charles while she was otherwise occupied.

After the retreat, Charles mentioned that he had a good chat with Josh, which convinced him to fight for his family at Millennial.

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