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"Younger" The Unusual Suspect Review "Younger" The Unusual Suspect Review


Younger – The Unusual Suspect (6×03)



An ugly war is brewing between two publishing houses on Younger Season 6 Episode 3.

But what makes this feud ugly isn’t the fact that they’re both gunning for the same author.

It’s not even about the author, Audrey, being a murder suspect and insanely creepy.

Feeling Inferior - Younger

Nope, it’s the fact that Zane and Charles have banded together to undermine Liza and Kelsey.

We were all right about Charles’ post-Empirical game plan: he’s putting his vast publishing skills to launch a rival start-up with Zane.

Some would call his crazy to do so in such an uncertain and chaotic climate, yet he does have the necessary experience.

Maybe without the reigns of an established company, he can make the calls that will bring in the authors?

The most dramatic part of it is that he’s obviously keeping it from Liza.

Even after she found out that he took out a 950 thousand dollar loan against his townhouse and questioned him about it, Charles played it off like it was “no big deal” and that he was rearranging some funds around.

Oh, and he tried to make Liza forget it by seducing her.

If I’m being completely honest, maybe Liza and Kelsey should just be grateful that Zane and Charles took Audrey off of their hands.

They’re already dealing with Quinn’s antics, and though they never said that Audrey was guilty of murder, she didn’t exactly give off an innocent vibe.

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Younger – An Inside Glob (6×04)



Younger An Inside Glob Review

It’s not looking too hot for Millennial on Younger Season 6 Episode 4.

As predicted, Charles is the wealthy funder behind Mercury, and while his motivations were anything but shady at first, there seems to be a storm brewing between the publishing houses.

By the end of Younger Season 6 Episode 4, Charles resigned from the board at Millennial to fully pursue his new publishing house with Zane, which made him a direct competitor to the ladies.

And to make matters worse, all of the agents representing Millennial’s authors were threatening to leave and sign with Mercury after Kelsey’s very public outburst.

Let’s just talk about that for a minute.

Kelsey is going through a huge transitional period.

She took on this huge new gig, she squared off with the woman who gave her the job, and now, she is learning that the man she thought was a friend and mentor is working behind her back.

It’s a lot. Her frustrations are understood and expected.

But her reaction, which was heavily rooted in emotions, was not necessary in such a public space.

Unfortunately, Kelsey came out looking like the bad guy despite being on the money about her Charles and Zane accusations.

Neither was forthcoming about their plans to create a publishing house that would rival Millennial.

Charles wasn’t being purposefully deceptive.

When Liza confronted him, he explained that he was finding his footing and wasn’t exactly allowed to be pursuing a venture in the same space while still serving on the board.

Should they have told Kelsey in private?

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Younger – Flush with Love (6×02)



Younger Flush With Love Review

Congrats are in order for Josh!

He became a father in the final moments of Younger Season 6 Episode 2!

Papa Josh has a nice ring to it, and seeing him hold his baby girl for the first time was adorable, but I didn’t expect Josh’s baby storyline to pick up such speed.

I knew Claire was nearing her due date, but I didn’t think it was only two weeks away.

I always say that Younger needs to become an hour show, and I still stand behind that.

Did Josh become a father so quickly because they don’t have enough time in an hour to fully flesh out moments?

How is it possible that a 20-minute episode could limit and fit so much in at the same time.

Everything was on fast-forward, yet somehow they managed to cram in the non-binary gender reveal (a tribute to Nico Tortello’s real-life beliefs), baby shopping, and a dramatic birth all into the same episode!

And while impressive, it was equally as upsetting. Wouldn’t it be better if all these moments had a little bit of time to breathe?

They sprung the storyline onto us and before we even got to accept Josh’s new reality, he became a dad.

Not only is it frustrating for the audience, but it’s also an injustice to the character.

We’ll get to see Josh navigate fatherhood, sure, but he’s barely adjusted to the idea of fatherhood let alone figured out how to raise a child.

There was so much more to explore with this storyline.

Instead, Josh’s bundle of joy is used to resurrect the love-triangle between Charles, Liza, and Josh.

Allowing Charles and Liza a moment of happiness was simply too much to ask for, as was having Liza and Josh continue on as close friends.

There were so many moments between the once-couple that left me confused.

Is Liza content with being just friends? Is she genuinely happy for Josh? Does she suddenly wish she was the baby momma?

Is she regretting her relationship with Charles?

I hate to say this because I understand that Liza’s in a tough predicament with two great and charismatic guys, but she needs to make a damn choice and stick with it.

She has a healthy and wholesome friendship with Josh, why taint that unnecessarily?

There’s a reason her heart and mind kept going to Charles while she was Josh.

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Younger – Big Day (6×01)



Younger Big Day Season 6 Premiere Review

It’s been more than ten months since we’ve last checked in with our Empirical/Millenial Publishing crew, but Younger Season 6 Episode 1 doesn’t skip a beat as it picks up right where we left off.

Charles has given up his company to pursue a romantic relationship with Liza.

And despite my initial hesitation things seem to be going pretty well.

Liza and Charles are now referring to each other as “boyfriend and girlfriend.”

It’s adorable and what we’ve been waiting for, yet I was still caught by surprise.

I’m going to need a minute to get used to the idea that they are now exclusive.

All my qualms following the conclusion of Younger Season 5 Episode 12 were washed away and felt almost baseless.

There wasn’t any resentment or hostility between Charles and Liza surrounding the sacrifice he made.

He was enjoying his newfound “free time,” which included buying his girlfriend a “real bed.”

Liza even accidentally said ‘I love you,’ and though it may have been a slip-up, I think the possibility of them having a real relationship without the sneaking around and secrecy made her fall even harder for him.

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The good thing is that Charles said it back by the end of the episode, and it feels like this power couple is stronger than ever.

But this was just the first day in their “new normal,” and Charles’ meeting with Zane indicated that he is on the hunt for his next business venture.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing — we can’t expect Charles, a man who has worked his whole life, to just sit back and twiddle his thumbs.

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