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The Cleaning Lady Recap Season 2 Episode 8 Spousal Privilege The Cleaning Lady Recap Season 2 Episode 8 Spousal Privilege

The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Review – Spousal Privilege (208)

THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Adan Canto and Élodie Yung in the “Spousal Privilege” episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Nov. 14 (9:02-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX



There was a lot happening under the surface on The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 8. 

And sometimes, actions speak louder than words. 

Not much time passed between Thony and Arman’s devastating night with Kamdar on the previous episode and the opening events of “Spousal Privilege.” Kamdar forcing Arman to pull the trigger and kill Maya haunted Thony, but it was also something they both had to keep a secret as Garrett was on a rampage to destroy Kamdar and the man who shot his girl. Garrett may have developed into a sort of friend confidant for Thony, but the power dynamics are still in play; He’s still her handler, which means that he wouldn’t hesitate to take down Arman if he found out the truth. We know it’s only a matter of time before the whole situation implodes, and for Arman’s sake, let’s hope Garrett at least takes the circumstance of the situation into consideration before casting judgment or seeking revenge.

Thony also realized that she couldn’t keep putting her family in danger, so she moved them to a safer location until it was all over. And by this, I mean the FBI putting Kamdar behind bars for good. Both Thony and Arman were a little too optimistic when they suggested this would all be over soon. While they seem to understand the dangers of taking down Kamdar, they also believe that they will be free from his grasp in no time, which doesn’t really track. As we know, nothing ever pans out the way they hope it does, so it’s a little too hopeful on their part. And that becomes even more evident on when Nadia becomes way more involved in the case than Arman ever wanted.

There were a handful of issues that I couldn’t look over on this episode, including Thony thinking that Fi and the family would be safe at JD’s house. Kamdar managed to find Maya at an FBI safehouse that was guarded by security. Garrett eventually realized that Cortes was tracking Maya, which gave Kamdar a leg up, but honestly, if he wanted to find Thony’s family, I doubt he’d have any issues. There is no place where they are truly safe with Kamdar free, and she needs to accept it. 

I also find it strange that Garrett keeps showing up at Thony’s house. Wouldn’t that raise some suspicion? Thony is jumpy all the time thinking that Kamdar will sic one of his men on her, so I would think that he has people watching her house. If they don’t want him to find out that she’s the one working with the FBI, Garrett shouldn’t be coming around her place all the time. It’s too exposed. These may just be oversights on the show’s part, but they truly bugged me throughout the episode. They all seem well aware of how dangerous and sly Kamdar is, so why are they underestimating him, his reach, and his capabilities?

When Arman realizes that Thony was staying at home alone without her family, he offers to stay with her and protect her, but the fuzzy feeling fades quickly when they staged their meeting with Kamdar in hopes of taking him down only to realize that Nadia is handling his business while he’s away on a trip. She’s literally his second hand—the woman he trusts the most–so that already means she’s in too deep.  But With the FBI listening in, Arman attempts to shut down any conversation with Nadia in order to protect her. He informs Garrett that he was not going to hurt or set up his own family in the process of bringing Kamdar down. He might not be with Nadia anymore, but he won’t let her become collateral damage. And the fact that he still cares this much for her is a testament to his character. Unfortunately, Nadia keeps pushing Arman away as her judgment is clouded by how close he is to Thony. Her jealousy and insecurities prevent her from realizing that there’s something larger at play and that Arman is simply not telling her the whole truth to keep her safe.

Eventually, it becomes clear that the only way to find any true incriminating evidence on Kamdar—enough to put him away for life rather than just a few years—is to steal the ledger in his office that details all of his transactions. If they can crack the code and follow the breadcrumbs to all the criminal syndicates that he owns, they could have his head on a platter.

And the only way to get inside his office and get to the ledger is by stealing Nadia’s ID card. Of course, this means Arman must “reconcile” with Nadia, a seemingly dreaded word for everyone. The look on his face indicates that by doing this, he feels like he’s betraying Thony, and there’s definitely a shift in energy between them once he does eventually get back into good graces (and the bed) with his estranged wife. Both Thony and Arman seem aware of what must be done, but it doesn’t lessen the blow of what this means for their relationship. 

Arman is also forced to manipulate his wife, and while it’s better than letting her sink with the ship, it’s still not ideal. He still has love for Nadia, but he’s not in love with her and it’s evident he’s only getting back with her because there’s no other way to do what needs to be done. He knows what needs to be done to protect Nadia, himself, and Thony + her family. In a twisted way, he’s bedding his wife for Thony. He even seems to apologize to Thony for it, and for having to leave her, which shows that his romantic loyalty has completely shifted. 

Nadia is in seventh heaven after her romantic rendezvous with her husband, but it quickly fades when she notices her ID is missing and the realization that she was simply a pawn settles in. I actually feel bad for Nadia in this scene because it’s a heartbreaking moment for her and one that will likely push her further away from Arman and into Kamdar’s grasp. Her desire to establish an independence from Arman has forced her to get more involved with Kamdar, which means that there’s no way that the FBI will be able to bring him down without taking her down too. And especially in light of the new development that Nadia and Kamdar are/were married!

While rummaging through Kamdar’s office (does the man not have cameras?!), Thony unearthed the bombshell piece of information that will surely rock Arman’s world. Are Nadia and Kamdar still married? Because if so, that means her marriage to Arman was never valid. 

If Nadia truly is Nadia Kamdar, there’s no way that Arman can protect her anymore. He’s been trying to do the right thing by everyone, but protecting Nadia comes at too high of a cost. Thony made it very clear to Arman that she’s also not going to put her neck on the line for Nadia any longer, and it makes sense. While she has tried her best to be respectful of Arman’s wife, at some point, it’s just not worth it. They can’t even trust her with the truth because she’s such a loose cannon.

Arman has a big decision to make moving forward, and I hope he follows his heart. 

When Nadia asked him if he loves Thony, his “I don’t know” was telling. He may not understand his feelings yet, but the simple hesitation means that he’s definitely feeling something for Thony that goes beyond friendship. My guess is he hasn’t found the time to get in tune with his feelings just yet considering the fast-paced nature of the criminal life, however, he also hasn’t had to because no one has ever flat-out asked him that either. Now that the question has been posed out loud, it will likely be in the back of Arman’s mind when he decides how to move forward in light of some unsettling news about his wife’s past.

As for JD, I can’t really figure out if he’s trustworthy. He seems great, but he’s always pressing for more information about Fi’s life. It may just be that he’s a devoted dad who wants to be more involved in his daughter’s life, but considering the nature of this series, we can’t just take people at face value.

What does he have to gain from all of this? Could he really just be a nice guy? Initially, when he told Fi that he won’t let Jaz be around Thony after she confided in him, I was fuming. How dare he waltz in here and make such demands? Fi trusted him with this information and he seemingly threw it back in her face.

However, once I let myself cool down, I could understand his concerns about allowing his daughter to live with someone who is the target of one of Vegas’ most dangerous criminals.

Plus, he framed the situation in a way that Fi hasn’t considered yet—is this the quality of life she wants for herself and her kids? Thony is trying her best, but the truth is, she keeps getting dragged down further and further into a situation that is putting them all in a world of danger. When will it be enough? Does Fi have it in her to cut ties before it costs them all? Will she remove herself and the children, including Luca, from the situation that has now escalated all too far? In the back of Fi’s mind, she believes Thony is doing all of this for Arman, and while it’s not 100% true, she’s also not wrong. Thony has stuck around simply because of how intertwined she is with Arman. We can’t blame her for the decisions she made as they all stemmed from helping Luca, but it’s fair for Fi to want to protect herself and put her foot down. 

At some point, it will all come to a head, but will it be too late? Will Thony be forced to chose between her family and Arman?

What did you think of the episode?



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    The Cleaning Lady

    The Cleaning Lady Review – Trust (210)



    The Cleaning Lady Recap Season 2 Episode 10 Trust

    The Cleaning Lady excels at delivering high-stakes scenarios. Season 1 was an introduction to all the spine-tingling twists and turns that season 2 was going to deliver. 

    No other episode has been as intense as when Arman was forced to shoot and kill Maya, but The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 10 came close bringing the same levels of uneasiness, tension, and stress. It mostly stems from the fact that Kamdar is a wild card—he’s a dangerous man, so there’s no telling what he’ll do or how he’ll react. It’s like trying not to step on a land mine—one wrong step and it can all blow up. 

    And then you throw in three additional loose cannons into the mix with Arman, Nadia, and Thony, who seems determined to stoke the fire, and the anxiety doubles. 

    The episode was basically Thony versus Arman and Nadia. They all have different end goals, which means that the way they approach their situation with Kamdar varies drastically. 

    Thony wants to save her boy at all costs, so at this point in time, she benefits from keeping Kamdar alive as he’s the only one with the resources to secure the life-saving meds. 

    Arman is fighting the clock, and his plan to kill before he’s killed is pure survival of the fittest. He has no choice but to kill Kamdar if he wants to live. Meanwhile, Nadia is stuck in the middle, though she’s more committed to helping Arman kill Kamdar. She of all people knows what her ex is capable of and knows that Arman will never make it out alive if Kamdar is still breathing as he’s made it very clear to her that Arman is a liability. While she understands Thony’s predicament, she asks her to prioritize Arman for once after all that he’s done for her, and that’s not for nothing. It’s not an entirely fair ask, but it isn’t unfair either. Arman has gone above and beyond for Thony, so I don’t understand why she can’t accept a reality where she gets the meds and her Kamdar problem is eliminated. 

    She went to bat to keep Kamdar alive, even recklessly roping Garrett into this whole mess, when the truth is, her life would be so much simpler without Kamdar. 

    All she needed to do was trust Arman and stop meddling. Arman has always, always, always protected and helped her, even when it proved to be an inconvenience, including in the present scenario, as he made sure to use up one of his last remaining connections to get his hands on the shipment of drugs for Luca before he gave Nadia the green light go through with the “kill Kamdar” plan. 

    Even when his life is on the line, Arman will go the extra mile for Thony because that’s how much he cares about her and Luca. It was one of the most romantic gestures ever. 

    I just wish Arman informed her of his plan ahead of time so she would have just stepped back and let it all play itself out instead of meddling and desperately trying to take charge. By saving Kamdar after he went into cardiac arrest, she pretty much signed Arman’s death certificate.

    In one moment, Thony undid all of Nadia’s progress. The girl put her life on the line trying to slip those drugs to Kamdar without anyone noticing, and thanks to Thony, all of her efforts were in vain.

    Thony may have taken an oath to protect, but if it wasn’t for Luca and the meds, I think she likely would’ve turned a blind eye to killing Kamdar since it was for the greater good and provided a good solution for her. Kamdar’s death would finally give her freedom—so the fact that she’s fighting so hard to keep him alive makes me think that she’s thriving on the thrill of this lifestyle.

    When she went to Garrett and informed him of Arman’s plan to kill Kamdar, she didn’t consider Arman’s safety or what would be best for him. All that was top of mind was Luca, which is understandable, but it proves that she’s not putting out the same love and care for Arman as he is for her. And as someone rooting for Armony to happen in some way, shape, or form, that’s upsetting.

    Thony’s decision was also a huge miscalculation; Garrett may have proved to be a confidant in the past, but he’s very much a man of the law and one who has wanted nothing more than to get his revenge on Arman. Thony didn’t realize that Garrett knew the truth about Maya after picking up Arman’s partial print, so she fed him right to the lion. I normally would side with Thony but not this time.

    Garrett wanted the truth and he got it, but it wasn’t exactly the version of it he was expecting. Once he finally had the full picture, he had no one to direct and channel his anger at anymore, which meant that he had to face the grief. Garrett tried to make Arman feel bad about what happened, but the hurt on Arman’s face when he recounted the events of that evening proved that the unspeakable horror would stay with him forever.

    Garrett made up a story in his head about what went down so that he could make Arman the villain, assuming he did it because Maya was a loose end that could out him to Kamdar, but he was completely off base. When all was said and done, he understood why Arman did what he did, even if he didn’t like it. He added that he would’ve never pulled the trigger, but that’s easy to say when you’re not in the situation with an unhinged man who is threatening the very woman you love. No one can say how they would handle an absolutely impossible situation. And in the end, it’s Kamdar that should pay the ultimate price, not Arman or Thony.

    While it seemed as though Garrett was finally warming up to Arman, he made sure to remind him that once he was no longer of any use to him, he would bury him, which drives home the point that Garrett isn’t a friend at all—he’s just self-serving. Though I would take his threat with a grain of salt because I think, in the end, Garrett actually wants to help Thony, he’s just too upset right now. 

    Robert may have been paranoid before following the Sin Cara shooting, but now he’s going to be even more intense now that he’s aware that someone is trying to kill him. His paranoia is going to make it harder for anyone to get close to him, including the FBI, who wants to take him down. Thony’s decision just made it that much harder for them all to free themselves from Kamdar’s grasp, but she probably bought herself some brownie points after saving his life. There’s definitely a perk to having Robert Kamdar indebted to you.

    However, Kamdar is smart, and while Nadia tends to be his weak spot, I don’t think it should be hard for him to see the light and put two and two together, especially after he saw her snooping around his pills earlier that day. He’ll soon be alerted that Arman diverted his shipment, and any goodwill he has toward Thony will likely be erased. 

    For now, Thony has been an asset to him, much like Nadia, so he has granted her a security guard for her protection… or so he says. We all know that having someone tail these women around all day works mostly in Kamdar’s favor as it allows him to keep tabs on everything they do and who they meet with. 

    Thony found a way around the security detail, meeting up with Garrett while going through the drive-thru, though, personally, I wish she didn’t.

    However, the security detail also threw her family life into jeopardy when the man came after JD, who arrived at Thony’s house to bring Fi some dinner as she watched Luca. The whole situation alerted JD to the fact that Fi’s relationship with Thony is a real threat to everyone in her life, including his daughter, Jaz. I can’t blame JD in the slightest—he wants to be supportive of Fi’s relationship with Thony, especially since Thony is dealing with a sick child, but there’s no way he can stand by idly and watch Fi get dragged deeper into Thony’s mess. And he’s right; she’s nowhere near getting out.

    Of course, this puts Fi into a rather tight spot as JD doubled down on his initial warning and left her with an ultimatum: Thony or her children. Fi is understandably upset, but she’s also aware that JD was right—she has no idea the extent of the danger that Thony is putting them in. 

    There’s no world in which Fi would choose Thony over her daughter, and Thony is a rational person, so I think she’ll understand JD’s take on it and will encourage Fi to prioritize her children, including Luca. If Thony is going to continue being involved, even for a short time, she can’t bring anyone else down with her. Fi, Jaz, Luca, JD, and Chris don’t deserve any of this, and while Luca benefits from her medical expertise, he’s safer away from Thony for the time being. She’s made so many sacrifices for that little boy, so I have no doubt she’d make this one in a heartbeat, even if it is the most painful thing she has to do. She fought so hard to keep Luca alive, so keeping him away until it’s safe to return is the best course of action. 

    And it’s clear JD really cares about the kids. I didn’t trust him at first, but he seems like a good person to have in their lives, and it’s finally some support and stability for Fiona. She deserves a shred of happiness after the hard life she’s lived and navigated. 

    For now, Thony has to focus on getting out from under Kamdar and protecting Arman—as Nadia explained, she owes him that much. Thony still cares about him, even though they have a slight disagreement about how to proceed with their plan. They didn’t see eye-to-eye, and, quite frankly, fought like a married couple, but they’re in this together… all three of them. Though, I am a little concerned by Arman’s reaction when he finds out that Thony ruined his brilliant and nearly-successful plan to eliminate Kamdar, thus putting them all in the line of fire, including Nadia, who now has to get closer to him than ever to convince him that she’s actually in love with him.

    Amidst all the action, the series still found a way to get back to the basics of what’s at the heart— the love between a mother and her son. Thony’s storyline with Luca grounds the series while continuously pulling at our heartstrings. It reminds us why we’re always rooting for the protagonist, even if we don’t necessarily agree with all of her decisions as of late.

    Thony poured all of her energy into baking Luca a cake and making his 6th birthday extra special, even if his cousins weren’t around to celebrate. And it was heartbreaking to watch Luca struggle to blow out his candles. The poor sweet boy has been through so much in his little life, and he has no idea the extent of his mother’s love for him.

    Thony put on a brave face for her kid because she has to—she’s the mom—but when she was finally in her safe space, with Arman by her side, she felt comfortable enough to break down and just cry. And despite everything that’s happening around them—and their disagreement on how to deal with Kamdar—Arman was there for her, reassuring her that she’s been through this before and will get through it again. 

    Other Stray Thoughts

    • Fi and JD kissing—get it, girl! 
    • Russo always brings Garrett back down to planet Earth. Without her, he’d jump the gun countless times, and he sort of did when he ambushed Arman, but in the end, he realized that keeping him alive was more important to the overall case that was much larger in scope than just getting revenge for Maya’s untimely death. If they take down Kamdar the right way—with Arman and Thony’s help—they can dismantle the biggest drug and human trafficking rings in Vegas. 
    • The way Joseph and Nadia exchanged glances at the hospital when Kamdar woke up makes me think that they’re in cahoots together. 
    • Nadia and Thony’s chat left me super conflicted. On one hand, Nadia is right, they have helped Thony’s son countless times, but on the other hand, she’s so cold and indifferent about the little boy’s current health setback. 

    What did you think of the episode? Will Thony feel guilty about sabotaging the plan, or will she come up with a better one? How will Fi resolve her issue? And where do we go from here? Cravers, the two-hour season finale of The Cleaning Lady is next week, so come back to to read all about it!

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    The Cleaning Lady

    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Finale—Premiere Date, Photos, Trailer and More



    The Cleaning Lady is treating fans to a larger-than-life season 2 finale.

    On Monday, December 12, FOX will air two back-to-back episodes of the thrilling series. Yep, you heard right—two hours of The Cleaning Lady are coming at you to wrap up the extraordinary and gripping second season!

    Below, we’ve got your synopsis and a gallery of photos that reveal what you can expect from the final installment of the year!

    Thony is confronted by Garrett regarding the truth behind Maya’s death as Nadia tries to stay on Kamdar’s good side. Meanwhile, Fiona helps Luca celebrate his birthday. Then, after Thony, Arman and Garrett work together to come up with a plan to take down Kamdar once and for all, Thony decides to take things into her own hands to ensure the safety of Fiona and Luca, in the all-new two-hour “Sanctuary / At Long Last” Season Two finale episode of The Cleaning Lady airing Monday, Dec. 12 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (CLD-211/212) (TV-14, L, S, V)
    Check out the trailer and gallery of photos:

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    The Cleaning Lady

    The Cleaning Lady Review – The Ask (209)



    The Cleaning Lady Recap Season 2 Episode 9 The Ask

    The Cleaning Lady is determined to make my blood pressure skyrocket. 

    In the latest episode, Thony gets in much deeper with Kamdar instead of finding solutions to free herself from this violent and dangerous lifestyle. 

    When Fiona asked her flat-out how she was going to get out of this mess, Thony herself acknowledged that she had no idea while emphasizing that the only thing that truly mattered was that Kamdar was helping her save Luca.

    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 9 circled back to the very crux of the story: the great lengths Thony will go to as a mother. Her desire and need to save Luca was the reason she got embroiled in this mess in the first place, so it’s fitting that, as we get ready to close out this season in just a few episodes, she’s once again being backed into a corner and forced to trust a dangerous man to save her son.

    This time, Kamdar is the new lifeline for her boy instead of Arman, which is unfortunate because Kamdar is a straight-up terrible man with no soul. He’s not as kind or gentle as Arman, nor does he actually care what happens to Thony’s son. The only reason he’s even interested in helping is to get what he wants from Thony in return—an established pipeline to sell the drugs that she managed to smuggle in through the Phillippines. 

    The storyline is, admittedly, a bit of a stretch, but I love that it connects back to Thony’s roots and her home country because she feels the impacts of it that much more. I hate that she was forced to burn a bridge with two close friends who admired her and thought highly of her, but, at the same time, it goes to show you that Thony will stop at nothing to help her son.

    However, it also begs the question—how far is too far? Is there a line she won’t be willing to cross? She knew that the price for anyone in the Phillippines who helped smuggle drugs into the US was death, and yet, she still went through with it. She keeps excusing her behavior by saying that she had no choice and saying that she’s helping Luca, but I also don’t fully believe it. At some point, she’s just convincing herself. A part of me thinks that she’s addicted to the rush of all of it because it gives her purpose. Not to mention, she’s good at it. 

    I’m sure that if she wanted to, Thony would be able to leverage her connection and relationship with Garrett to get hold of the meds Luca needs. But then again, she was in the same boat as Arman: kill or be killed. Thony wasn’t directly killing anyone, but she was putting a target on her friends because if she didn’t, Kamdar would have no problem taking her out of the equation. 

    However, being back in the Phillippines and seeing old friends and family was a bit of a wake-up call. It forced Thony to confront the reality of how much her life has changed from what it once was. She has taken a very dark path, but up until now, she’s had a bit of tunnel vision because she’s been so focused on helping Luca and freeing herself and Arman from Kamdar’s grasp. But surrounded by all the familiar places and people, she’s seeing her life for what it really is. It’s forcing her to take a hard look at the mess that she’s created, which will hopefully force her to make some necessary changes, even if they are dire. Thony is resourceful, but her skills come at a price to the people she loves, including her two friends in the Phillippines.

    After Arman and Thony were burned by the cartel, they were put in a near-death situation which led to the death of Arman’s friend and dealer Bosco. The whole situation was honestly too close for comfort, and I still have no idea how they managed to get away without any injuries. But once they lost the drugs and their shipping route, they were of no use to Kamdar. 

    Thony realized she could leverage Kamdar’s connections for herself while buying them some time, but the truth is, it was her Hail Mary, which meant that Kamdar did not want Arman to go on the quick trip to the Phillippines.  This was her deal—and Arman was no longer part of the equation. 

    This is the first time we’ve seen Arman and Thony’s paths diverge in some time, and I’m not entirely sure I like it, especially because it brought Arman back into Nadia’s orbit.

    The moment Arman realized that he was as good as dead since Kamdar no longer needed him, he concocted a master plan that hinges very heavily on an assist from Nadia. And this means Nadia and Arman are now the A-team, leaving Thony in the dust as her allegiance is with Kamdar until she can secure those meds for Luca. The shake-up is not something I’m comfortable with, particularly because I’ve been hoping that Thony and Arman would get closer in the aftermath of their shared trauma. 

    Then again, it all makes sense. Nadia is still Kamdar’s wife, so if they were to successfully get away with killing him, she would theoretically inherit his empire. Of course, I don’t know what judge would sign off on giving her everything, plus, Kamdar likely has a contingency plan in place for his death, though there’s no denying that Nadia is his weak spot. If there’s anyone who could get close enough and gain his trust, it’s her. 

    Of course, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Nadia may be interested in helping Arman because she still loves him and understands just how unhinged Kamdar is, but I also think there’s also a part of her that loves how much Kamdar worships and values her. There’s also her jealousy over Arman whenever he’s with Thony which could blind Nadia and force her to do something to sabotage him.

    And what if she suddenly changes her mind when she gets back into her old life with Kamdar? I mean, in order to convince him, she’s going to have to pretend that her relationship with Arman is over and that she wants to be with her former husband. It’s a risky game to play, especially as she seemed smitten with Kamdar’s decision to buy La Habana for her. With Kamdar, she’s getting the life that she always wanted with Arman, so why would she give any of that up or eliminate her meal ticket?

    The sad truth is that I think Arman has too much faith and trust in his wife… who likely isn’t even legally his wife anymore. I don’t know how that works, but if she’s still married to Kamdar, I imagine it voids her whole marriage to Arman. 

    My fear is that Arman will be so determined to kill Kamdar that he’ll keep Thony in the dark in the same way he kept Nadia in the dark about his and Thony’s deal with the FBI. And again, this just isn’t the path I envisioned for Arman and Thony to take in the final few episodes.

    Regardless, you can’t deny that the creative forces behind The Cleaning Lady know how to complicate everything, and I’m excited to see this pan out. I don’t trust Kamdar or Nadia, but I trust that the writers know what they are doing to give us the best and most realistic storyline that’s grounded yet also provides the level of entertainment value we expect from the series and stays true to the brilliant characters they’ve created. 

    The whole storyline involving Luca’s declining health gave me PTSD as I felt the same fear and anxiety that I did back in season one. The plot just hits different when Luca’s life is on the line because that’s when you know there’s nothing Thony isn’t willing to do, which ups the danger factor significantly. She’s gone through so much as a mother, staring down the real possibility that her boy will die every single day, and she still has so much strength to remain calm and composed in the face of a man who basically tells her that he’s willing to let her boy die.

    I feel like Thony bonded with Kamdar’s right-hand man, who is also Filipino, and I’m kind of hoping he’ll want to help Thony and Arman out of this predicament. At the end of the day, I would hope that she’d be able to trust her own people. He has to hate Kamdar as much as the rest of us. 

    Garrett and Russo are heating up, but we all saw this coming, right? There has been so much hinting at the inevitable hook-up: they’ve been “friends” for quite some time, their whole lives revolve around the FBI, and they are both down on their luck lately. It’s a recipe for bringing together people who otherwise shouldn’t be involved.

    Garret’s fire will be reignited, however, after finding the gun that was used to kill Maya and matching a partial print from it back to Arman. He’s always wanted to nail Arman, so this is his opportunity, though, after everything they’ve been through together, I hope that he finds it in his heart to actually hear him out. 

    As Russo said many times before, Kamdar will never be the one to pull the trigger. Garrett has worked with Arman to bring down Kamdar, so he knows what he’s capable of, and he knows that Arman’s whole mission has been to get out of this lifestyle. I hope he’ll realize that Arman never wanted to pull the trigger, nor did he have a choice. 

    The worst part is that the revelation might fracture the working relationship, especially if Garrett finds out that Thony knew this whole time and lied to his face about it. If he does find it in his heart to understand, it might still break his trust, and he might not forgive them.

    Other Thoughts

    • Fi has been thrown into this mess without much of a choice, but in the last episode, JD painted her loyalty to Thony in a new light. Will she remove herself from the situation by the time the season is up? Or will she stick by Thony’s side no matter what?
    • I don’t know why this thought came to me, but if Luca needs medical help down the line that Thony won’t be able to get him since she’s a TNT, she might have to give Luca over to Nadia and Arman, who are citizens. What if, in the end, they “adopt” Luca in order to save his life and give him a shot at survival? It would surely complicate the love triangle even more. Thony can also marry Arman (since I believe his marriage is void now that Nadia is still married to Kamdar) and find a way to citizenship that way—she’s broken the law in worse ways, this we know. 
    • Garrett and Russo need to focus less on making out and more on decoding Kamdar’s ledger. 

    Everything is hitting too close to home for Thony, and I hope her prayers are soon answered and an “exit” sign appears so that she can finally catch a break.

    What did you think of the episode? How do you think the rest of the season will pan out? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below, Cravers! 

    You can also catch up on our interview with Martha Millan (Fiona De La Rosa) and see what she had to say about the rest of the season—it’s juicy. 

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